Ben Henderson talks UFC on FOX 5 fight with Nate Diaz

Ben Henderson talks UFC on FOX 5 fight with Nate Diaz


Ben “Smooth” Henderson (17-2) will defend his title for a second time, this time facing Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC on FOX 5 in Seattle, Washington. Henderson fought twice so far this year, with back-to-back victories over Frankie “The Answer” Edgar. Former WEC champ has now earned himself a place on many Pound-for-Pound rankings, with sights on proving he’s one of the best fighters in the sport. As for Nate Diaz, more than five years after his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut, Cesar Gracie‘s protege finally gets his title shot. Diaz is on a three-fight win streak, thanks to a memorable performances against Takanori Gomi, Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller.

UFC on FOX 5 picks will be opened soon!

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  • grapplure

    hes gonna get his ass whopped by someone his own size

  • ripstic5021

    Diaz has this.

  • SpellCheckKongo

    Bendo will Low Kick Nate’s chicken legs until there’s none left… Then ND gets to choose if he wants to lose by Guillotine Choke or GnP.

  • M1_Global_Gangsta

    No way ! I really think he is on the top of the LW division right now. With his big wheels he would Out-Squat any other lightweight in the UFC, and in the cage he can clean-squat and press any opponent ! hahaha

    I also like the personality of the guy . He is such a nice guy and he respect bodybuildingas a sport ,he did not accuse bodybuilders to be “just juiced up” or anything , he knows the hard work and dedication it takes to reach the top in any sport, including bodybuilding

  • rickjitsu

    Nate beats Bendo…Cerrone beats Pettis….and George OBVIOUSLY beats Condit…..HAHAHAhaaaaaa!!!!!…bring a pillow with ya Carlos,you’re gonna need it!