Bellator’s 106 Card Gets Finalized & The Fortunate Fracture That Made It...

Bellator’s 106 Card Gets Finalized & The Fortunate Fracture That Made It Free


Bellator 106 is slated to take place at the Long Beach Arena in California this Saturday night and as such, was set to be the promotion’s first foray into a pay-per-view format.

However, as we found out this past Friday, Tito Ortiz, who was supposed to be headlining the event with fellow and former UFC light-heavyweight Rampage Jackson, is a scratch and as a result of a fractured neck. Subsequent to this turn of circumstance, Bellator has opted to dump their PPV in favor of a free broadcast of the event on SPIKE TV.

In regard to the timely manner of Ortiz’s fracture and the justification it provided the promotion for augmenting its 106 format, it could easily be described as fortunate.

Fortunate in the sense, that it saved Bellator from making a series of costly mistakes.

Without sounding overly conspiratorial let’s consider what Ortiz’s timely fracture did for the promotion.

First, it saved them from taking the best card they’ve ever put together and wasting it on a PPV that no one was going to see, because no one was going to buy it; at least not all, but the diehard.

In a time when MMA fans are being saturated with the UFC’s own PPVs’ and free broadcasts, as well as those of Bellator itself and the WSOF, fans are hard pressed to find the time, interest or cash, to keep up with all the offerings. As such, this is not the time for Bellator or any other promotion for that matter, to be venturing forth into the PPV market.

Further and on the heels of the news that the UFC’s own PPV numbers aren’t doing as well as should be expected, the case is proven. The point being, that if the UFC is having a hard time selling cards the likes of Jones / Gustafsson or Velasquez / Dos Santos III, then Bellator is well off the mark in thinking that they can sell fans Ortiz / Jackson; particularly at $40 or $50 a pop. Had it been $10 or $20, they might have had a shot at some success. Alas and however, this was not to be the case.

Beyond the economic realities, there is the fact that the card was stacked incorrectly in the first place and that fans were left scratching their heads over how Ortiz / Jackson could be headlining the event. Clearly, the star fight of this card is the Chandler / Alvarez rematch and their championship bout, and beyond that, probably every other fight on the card over Ortiz / Jackson.

Further still and from a marketing point of view, it takes a card that fans have interest in, but would not have bought, puts it on free TV, and will now deliver, in all likelihood, great ratings for Bellator and SPIKE.

Conversely, it also saves Bellator from the embarassement of ridiculously low buy rates for their PPV and the associated negative message that it could carry, regarding Bellator and the quality of product they put on.

In considering all that has been gained and saved by promotion, fans might be stirred to find it all a little suspicious; a little too fortuitous. Fans might even become more wary, when they consider how easily the card could have been saved.

All the promotion needed to do, was leave the card as it stood, elevate Chandler & Alvarez to the top of the card, which they did, and then moved the Joe Riggs / Mike Bronzoulis “Fight Master” finale bout, from the (free) preliminary card, to the PPV. Likewise, they could’ve shifted either of the Karo Parisyan / Cristiano Souza or Akop Stepanyan / Mike Richman bouts to the PPV, and continued on.

Instead, Bellator opted to move two of the fights mentioned, Riggs / Bronzoulis & Stepanyan / Richman, to the main card, remove the Cheick Kongo / Vinicius Spartan bout, and then pull the plug on the PPV.

In a nutshell, if Bellator was truly committed to exploring the PPV market they could have easily moved forward with the card and ostensibly, with the same line-up they had; no harm, no foul.

Considering it all, if fans choose to muse as the circumstance of the cancelation and whether or not its cause is suspect or possible ruse, they’d be well within their purview to do so. Further, should Tito Ortiz magically return to health in the near to immediate future and scheduled for a fight that he actually takes, then the circumstances of his scratch and the PPV’s cancelation will become even more dubious.  

That said and regardless of the truth of it all, fans have been granted a gift for this Saturday night, in the way of a great free card and if they were intending on giving the event a pass, they should reconsider, because it will be a great night of fights.

In closing, fans are sure to be wishing Tito a full and speedy recovery, but at the same time are sure to be quietly grateful for this sad, yet fortunate turn of events.

Attached is a video of Bellator MMA CEO Bjorn Rebney, explaining it all.

Bellator 106 takes place this Saturday and will begin airing on SPIKE TV at 9 p.m. EST.

The card and its final matches are as follows:

Main Card:

(Champion) Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez; lightweight title

Muhammed Lawal vs. Emanuel Newton; interim light heavyweight title

(Champion) Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus; featherweight title

Mike Bronzoulis vs. Joe Riggs; “Fight Master” tournament final

Mike Richman vs. Akop Stepanyan


Jesse Juarez vs. Joe Williams

Brandon Halsey vs. Hector Ramirez

Mike Guymon vs. Aaron Miller

Joe Camacho vs. Cleber Luciano

Darren Smith vs. Josh Smith

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  • 51JD51

    Seriously how is Rampage not on this card still, give him King Mo and I'm sure there's another guy they can find to fight Newton.

    • 51JD51

      O right I forgot they re-entered Mo into the tournament after he got knocked out so that would be why they won't do that.

      I'll just chat with myself here, I got this thread folks.

    • Brian Cox

      51, the only problem with giving him King Mo would have been that its an interim title belt and not just a fight. At least that would be my guess. I don't see how they could just pull Newton from the fight, in favor of Jackson.

      And to be honest, I'm not sure it would be a better fight if they did and I'm not even sure how Jackson would fare against Newton. He's a tough, energetic fighter with some serious KO power.

      Either way, I'm just glad it's not a PPV. That's a win for everyone concerned.

      • dropkickmurphy

        Tito broke his neck twice now, had a "broken skull" as the reason he lost to Forrest..does he have the same disease as the guy in Unbreakable??

  • Zip

    We're listening buddy.

    • Brian Cox

      Yeah, I'm not buying the fortunate fracture, either.

      I wonder if they paid Tito to get the fracture or say he had one?

      For me, it's all a little too convenient.

      • Zip

        This way or that, same result.

  • DeeJaySlyTee

    ***** for Rampage! He must be binging at Hometown Buffet right about now….

    • Entity

      Or running around on his new found legs…."You got new legs Lieutenant Dan"

      • Brian Cox

        LOL! That, was funny.


    I can't help but feel Bellator deserves better than this. They've given MMA fans tons of free, great fights.