Bellator MMA: Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez 2 Preview

Bellator MMA: Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez 2 Preview


A week this Saturday (November 2nd) Bellator MMA issues forth with their first pay-per-view and at the heart of the card, not its top, is a bout that holds true explosive power; Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez, for the Bellator lightweight championship.

This is a re-match affair, which pits two highly skilled adversaries against one another, in a sequel bout to their barn burning November 2011 lightweight title fight.

In the match, the two went to town on one another, with Alvarez very nearly finishing Chandler in the third. However, and somehow, Chandler managed to stave off Alvarez’s assault and survive the round. In the fourth the tide changed and Chandler was able to get Alvarez to the ground and submit him via rear-naked choke.

It was a brilliant fight to say the least, with both fighters giving it their all.

In the two years that have ensued, Chandler and Alvarez have fought five times collectively, winning all five fights by stoppages; 3 & 2 wins repectively.

Chandler sports a spotless record of 12 & 0, with an incredible 84% finishing rate and will be making his third title defense.

Eddie Alvarez carries equally impressive credentials and bolsters a 24 & 3 record, and a whopping 87% finishing rate.

Comparing the two, one would have to say that Chandler holds an advantage on the ground and Alvarez on the feet; or at least that’s the way it was two years ago. Both fighters have since progressed and Chandler in particular, has become more than a werestler with power.

An interesting side note on this fight is that it’s another test for the “Blackzilians”. As Alvarez trains with the team, this is an important fight in terms of their reputation, and a win over Chandler would be a nice feather in the club’s cap, and the first serious (and current MMA) belt held by the team.

All in all, this is going to be a great fight and one that comes with all the same guarantees of fireworks that Melendez / Sanchez had, this past weekend.

It’s a shame that they’re not the main event.

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  • Entity

    This fight will ROCK!

    • Brian Cox

      I believe it will. I really am shocked that Bellator thought Ortiz / Jackson was a better sell, at the top of the card.

      • Entity

        yea man, that is weird, but we know this fight will be better.


    Tito & Rampage have the bigger names but real fans know this is the real main event.

  • Entity

    lol, that pic of Chandler above will look EXACTLY like his action figure. 8))