Bellator Is Back: Can King Mo Rebound?

Bellator Is Back: Can King Mo Rebound?


Tonight kicks off another series of Bellator round-robins on Spike. Notable x-UFC fighters in the tournament are Renato Sobral,War Machine and Seth Petruzelli.

Of the 3, Petruzelli has drawn (what is probably) the most high profile name on the card in the way of Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal and their main event bout.

King Mo signed with Bellator amidst much fanfare and hype (much of it by his own trumpet) and was intended to be the promotions top guy at 205. However, that did not go to plan.  

The former Strikeforce champion and his 9 and 2 record (with one “NC”, a KO victory over Lorenz Larkin which was nullified due to positive drug test: Drostanolone) failed in his quest to capture the light heavyweight belt.

Lawal’s semi-final bout had him matched up against 29 year old Emanuel Newton (19 & 7 at the time). Most, including myself, had never heard of him. That (also) might well have been the case for King Mo, as well.

As per usual, Lawal entered the ring with his normal pomp-and-pageantry. However and also, he seemed to have an air of invincibility abou him, as if it was (just) another day at the office and that it would end in a quick and easy KO. As it turned out he was half right.

In a nutshell, I don’t think he took “The Hardcore Kid” seriously and subsequent to that, he paid dearly for the mistake. For at the 2:35 mark of the 1rst and after having already dodged a couple of bullets, King Mo, with hands completely down, fell to a “beautiful” (simply-an-after-the-thought) spinning back-fist, which Lawal took full-on-flush to the chin. With his back on the canvass and toes pointing straight up, King Mo was out cold.

For my money, Lawal may have lost the fight either way and regardless of whether or not he had taken Newton seriously. However, as I do not believe he did take Emanuel seriously his loss became a foregone conclusion. I clearly remember thinking to myself as the fight began, that if Mo didn’t get his act together that he was going to get KOd’ and about a minute later it happened.

Tonight Lawal climbs back into the ring with a similar type of fighter to Newton, by way of opponent Seth Petruzelli. He has proven power with 12 of his 14 wins coming via KO. Also, he can be both explosive and dynamic. In short, Mo can get KO’d in this fight.

Tonight, should Lawal enter the cage with the same attitude that he had 4 months ago against Emanuel Newton, then he’s going to get knocked out. King Mo needs to show up to tonight’s fight taking “The Silverback” seriously. If he does anything less, then a loss (will again) be a foregone conclusion.

My MMA senses tell me that Seth will KO Lawal, tonight.

What do your MMA senses tell you? Will King Mo rebound?

*You can catch the card and the fight on Spike TV, beginning at 8 PM EST.


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  • InfiniteEnigma

    That was a beautiful moment. That arrogant clown getting KO'd. Hope it happens again tonight, but I am sure he will take this fight more seriously.

    • Entity

      Totally agree! Almost as fun as seeing Reem eat the mat.
      Mo should win this easily.

      • Brian Cox

        Well, be it agreed, that you both got your beautiful moment, because that was a photograph punch.

  • timbo613

    King Mo might have the weakest chin in MMA history. He's way overrated and he made to the final's in a tournament he got KO'd in already. Bellator is trying to use fighter's that are mad and disgruntled to boost there revenue but all these guy's are bum's. The only guy's that Bellator ever had that were contender's are either with the UFC or trying everything to leave Bellator(with the exception of Michael Chandler). Bellator is pulling the wool over the fan's eye's and not producing top talent and letting the few guy's they do have ko and submit them. It's easy to have a nice highlight reel when half your fighter's don't belong in the cage with the opponent's.