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Bellator officially announces their upcoming reality series “Fight Master”


Eariler today Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, Kevin Kay, Sharon Levy, Gregg Jackson, Frank Shamrock, Randy Couture and Joe Warren all made an appearance at a press conference announcing Bellator’s new reality series titled “Fight Master”. Each panel member took turns sharing their thoughts on the upcoming show and Bellator.

The show sounds as if it will be rather similar to The Ultimate Fighter, but with a few small yet interesting details. According to Sharon Levy, fighters will be allowed to choose which coach thet would like to be trained by. They’ll also be allowed to choose who they fight for their elimination bout. The element of choice should make for a new and interesting spin on the reality fighting genre.

The press conference was recorded by MMAFighting, feel free to check out the video below and let us know what you think.

  • Now that I think about it… That's pretty much a panel of Dana White's worst enemies getting together to give him one big collective F–k you! lol.

    • @ Bryan

      I had the same thought the moment I read the list. It was as if Bjorn has gone out of his way to populate this venture with people Dana either hates or seriously dislikes.

      Pretty funny, man.

      • Lol wait until the big twist when Steve Mazzagatti makes a guest appearance on the show.

    • @Bryan….That Bellator panel of coaches is the biggest FUK U DANA team I have ever seen…

    • Good to see Frank Shamrock land on his feet. Fight Master needs the War Master Josh Barnett to lead the whole thing

    • Reality show/ 2 coaches/ a tournament/ 6 figure contract…. Sounds like Ultimate Fighter to me. People already slowed down on watching that show. No alcohol or mansion to trash….whats the point of watching? There are HBO specials of how mma fighters live and train…. train/eat/ play video games/ sleep … rinse repeat. This will be a cheap copy of the Dana White Show, without the action of guys getting slammed on concrete, and making asses of themselves. AND when this fails…..and it will, I bet they run a round of female fighters. Not a original thought on that panel.

  • I seriously hope the best for this. I'm a huge UFC fan, but am going to enjoy the competion. And I giggle when when I see uncle Dana getting upset someone else plays the game.

  • I wish them all the best and I'll tune in to see what it's all about, as will most MMA fans, I'm sure. And isn't that the point. Score one for Bellator on the MMA Wars Front.

    Dana keeps laughing @ Bellator, SPIKE, this show, Viacom, Randy, etc., but from a no-dog-in-the-fight POV of a fan, to me, Bellator looks like it's viable, growing and even flourishing, right now. I don't see a lot there to laugh at from DW's POV.

    • And what makes this Org.'s endeavor interesting, is they won't sell to Dana no matter what. Before, the UFC always had the power to buy out what hurts them, this is totally different. Dana is gonna be pissed! Expect some big mud slinging from Dana very soon. Eddie Alvarez is going to be confused pretty soon. 8P

      • What if the show flops though and this ends up hurting Bellator big time. They say they won't sell out but if the numbers start turning up red the people at viacom are smart businessmen and will know when to cash out. Not saying that will happen but we can't assume this show will do for Bellator what the Ultimate Fighter did for the UFC, both of them are huge risks for each promotion. Though the mudslinging will ensue regardless – hell it's only half Dana's fault at this point, he gets asked such leading questions by reporters trying to get him to talk sh*t

        • @51jd51

          They will have built a worst case outcome into their considerations… I imagine there are some serious venture capitalists looking closely at or working with Bellator… This level of risk requires backing.

        • @51jd51

          Never say never and as Chael Sonnen might say, "failure is always an option", however-and-with-that-said, Bellator is so far down the road (now) that I don't see this show or the promotion failing.

          There's too much investment and work, which has now been made and the market / business model has changed so much since The UFC started (back up under Zuffa ) in 2000 /2001, that I think failure has been removed as an option.

          We must keep in mind (here) that Bellator is and has, truly benefited from every nickle and hour of effort that White and the Fertitta brothers have invested into The UFC. Bellator is thriving, because The UFC has created for Bellator, by way of it's own business model, opportunity. Bellator doesn't have to spend the kind of money on breaking market and creating awareness of the sport, because The UFC has done all that for them. For example, it's no small coincidence that Bellator ended up on SPIKE. They got that deal, because The UFC was there before Bellator. They paved the way. SPIKE is /was simply looking to replace a success and they have done so.

          Bellator is here to stay. That's how I see it. Give them ten years and enough quality, name-brand fighters, and who knows….maybe they'll be the ones buying-out The UFC. Stranger things have happened in business, before.

  • wasn't really sure to believe dana or not on the randy couture situation, but judging by the way couture wanted no part in talking about walking out on his ufc deal, i'm starting to believe dana is right.

    • Didn't Randy try to leave the UFC in the past and get out of his deal like a year or two before he fought Lesnar. Then when the EA MMA game came out he was the only UFC fighter on there. I've always got the impression Randy's about that money, I don't blame him one bit, as if Dana never screwed over people in his past. It's impossible to make millions in the fight business without crossing someone at some point. Let's not forget the UFC gladly dragged Ken Shamrock through court essentially taking/draining all his money and Dana actually made reference to it when he mentioned ''go after people for running their mouths'' in the same media scrum he spoke about what Randy did.

      • the problem is you can't blame the ufc. if you sign a contract, you are expected to honor that contract. they had every legal right to go after them because they were still under contract which was broken and that is breach of contract.

        • I wasn't blaming them, just pointing out facts of life and business at that level.

          • I understand that, i was just trying to say it's not wise to cross someone while they have you under contract. in the end it just looks bad and goes worse for you

    • Ya ppl say Dana is bashing Randy but unless he's lying or misrepresenting parts of the story then it seems Dana is in the right. It would really be nice to hear Randy's side, at least why he didn't bother doing his last fight on his contract. It seems pretty douchy to walk out with one fight left, doesn't seem that hard to finish that one fight left then walk.

  • If they were really smart at marketing, we would see Bellator fighters vs. Jersey Shore. I would actually go PPV to see those knuckle heads get bloodied up, and in my book, its ok to hit a girl, when its Snookie.