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Bellator Cuts War Machine After Alleged Assault On Girlfriend


Former UFC welterweight and current Bellator fighter War Machine, formally Jonathan Koppenhaver, has been cut by cut BMMA. With news breaking Friday (August 8, 2014) that Machine has allegedly been involved in an assault at his Las Vegas home and currently being sought by the “Sin City” police, the promotion has opted to immediately part ways with the 32-year-old fighter.

The story was first covered by TMZ, with the media outlet reporting that Machine had been involved in a physical altercation with three people early Friday morning while at his Nevada residence. According to the report, two victims were transported to hospital, with one of them being War Machine’s live-in girlfriend, adult film actress Christy Mack.

By way of an official statement regarding Machine’s being cut, Bellator CEO Scott Coker left no doubt as to where the promotion stands on the issue of domestic violence.

Coker’s comment to TMZ:

“We have a zero tolerance policy here at Bellator when it relates to any form of domestic violence, and after learning of this latest incident involving Jon Koppenhaver, War Machine, Bellator is releasing him from him promotional contract with the organization.”

If the allegations prove to be true, this will be Machine’s third set of assault charges in four years. The 14 – 5 California native was arrested and sentenced to a year in jail in August of 2010, when he was convicted of pair of felony assaults stemming from two (separate) bar fights in San Diego. He was released from jail in July of 2011; however, he was then required to return to it in February of 2012, serving out an additional nine months. The supplementary sentence was in relation to the second assault.   

With War Machine now facing a potential series of assault charges, particularly domestic violence ones, it is likely as not the end of his MMA career. At age 32 and facing some serious jail time if convicted, it would be hard to see how he could ever come back. And even if Machine could come back, he would be hard pressed to find a legitimate promotion to fight in.   

Photo courtesy of War Machine

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    • Are you saying that about Christy Mack because she is a pornstar or is there something specific she has done.

      I am not agreeing with her choice of profession, but at the same time lets not be hypocrites. You know who she is and therefore may have enjoyed some of her work.

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