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Bellator 93 Results: Dave Jansen wins Tournament in another night of astonishing finishes


Bellator 93 is in the books from Lewiston, Maine, and once again the fights have gone down with a litany of finishes. From the main event of Held vs. Jansen to the bottom of the prelims, Bellator 93 truly showcased a cornucopia of MMA goods. Bellator is definitely picking up a lot of momentum in its eighth season.

On the main card, Marcin Held and Dave Jansen fought in the Lightweight Tournament Final. The two came out with fireworks in the first round, with Marcin Held showing unexpectedly crisp boxing. He landed some great uppercuts to Jansen, who fought back valiantly.

The fight took to the mat in the second, with Held going for his trademark leglocks. Jansen answered with some great ground-and-pound. The third saw more ground action, with Jansen fending off a list of varied submission attempts. It was a war, but Dave Jansen deservedly took home the Tournament Title.

Ryan Martinez absolutely destroyed Travis Wiuff with a first-round KO in a mere 18 seconds at heavyweight. Marcus Davis faced off against Waachiim Spiritwolf but the bout was ruled a No-Contest due to a groin shot on Spiritwolf.

The preliminary card was not to be outdone, as each fight amazingly saw a finish. That is some serious action for MMA fans worldwide. Bellator is making waves with its fighters, who remain relatively unknown as compared to UFC stars but continue to fight like their lives truly depend on it. What were your thoughts on tonight’s action?

Bellator 93 Full Results: 

Main Card:?

Dave Jensen def. Marcin Held via Unanimous Decision ?

Ryan Martinez def. Travis Wiuff via R1 KO (Punch)

Marcus Davis vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf ruled a No-Contest (groin shot)??

Preliminary Card: ?

Dave Vitkay def. Jesse Peterson via R1 technical submission (Guillotine Choke)

Michael Page def. Ryan Sanders via R1 TKO

Jason Butcher def. Jack Hermansson via R1 submission (Triangle)

Mike Mucitelli def. Brent Dillingham via R1 submission (Armbar)

Joe Pacheco def. Pierre Perry via R1 submission (Americana)

Vince Murdock def. John Raio via R3 TKO

Jon Lemke def. Jesse Erickson via R1 TKO 

  • What a drag the Marcus Davis fight turned out the way it did.

    Of particular note regarding the groin shot – where was the ring doctor? One would have thought that watching a fighter writhe around on the ground, as the fighter did, would warrant stepping into The Cage and checking the fighter. I would have thought, at the very least, that someone should have tried to help bring the fighter's wind back. The fact that the guy never got up to try and walk it off and the fact that he was still down when they announced the decision and went to commercial, suggest SpiritWolf wasn't faking.

    I think the ring doctor F###ED up on that one and failed the fighter. If it turns out, that SpiritWolf was (actually) physically hurt and not just winded, then the doctor should be…one, never be hired again, to oversee a fight and….two, be brought before whatever governing board and sanctioned.

    Again, I can't believe The Promotions physician wasn't curious enough about the health of the fighter, to attend to him. Pathetic, IMO.

  • I think it's hilarious that just after Anton leaves this site gets this advertisement b.s..

  • Another night of astonishing finishes due to astonishing mismatches.

    UFC might not have as much finishes but it's because all the fights are high level vs. high level while Bellator have plenty of mismatches of decent guy against guy who is a professional only in title.

    • @ Keith

      True dat, but they'll get better. Either way, I know I'm sure as heck looking forward to seeing Emanuel Newton"s next fight, this coming Thursday.

    • If it's such a bad show just don't watch it Keith, people complain about mismatches all the time, heck they even say Diaz vs GSP was a mismatch and the fight went to a decision, I think this figthers finish fights because they feel the need to do it to get notice, top guys play it safe all the time that is the difference.