Bellator 119 Recap: Daniel Weichel Taps Out Desmond Green To Win BMMA...

Bellator 119 Recap: Daniel Weichel Taps Out Desmond Green To Win BMMA Featherweight Tournament Finale


Bellator 119 is collapsed and in the books, as from Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario, and with it Daniel Weichel has won the BMMA featherweight tournament finale.

Needing only two-minutes-and-seven-seconds of the second round to finish the job, Weichel hurt Green with some hard shots, finally landing his opponent on the mat where he submitted Green by way of rear-naked choke. For his efforts, Weichel took home 100K in prize money and the right to face the winner of next month’s Pat Curran vs. Patricio Freire fight, as the two duke it out for Curran’s 145 pound title.

The best fight of the evening had to be the Marius Zaromskis vs. Vaughn Anderson. In it, Zaromskis proved himself to be a welterweight to watch as he ran roughshod over Anderson for all of the second and third rounds of their match. In doing so, Zaromskis demonstrated good technical stand-up and a vicious kicking game. Had the fight been a five round match, it’s doubtful that Anderson would have been able to withstand the shots for another ten minutes.

Up next, the promotion heads to Southaven, Mississippi to host their March 17, Bellator 120 card, and the brand’s inaugural pay-per-view event. On tap for the night will be a lightweight title fight and trilogy match, between current champion Eddie Alvarez and former division kingpin Michael Chandler.

The event is also supported by a light-heavyweight tournament finale bout between Quinton Jackson and Muhammed Lawal. The two will do battle for 100K in prize money and the right to face off against class champion Emanuel Newton. The Jackson vs. Lawal match will be preceded a light-heavyweight feature bout that pits BMMA middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko against former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. If Ortiz is truly healthy and motivated, then Shlemenko vs Ortiz could well be a great fight.

Here are the night’s results and recap:

Fight #1: Nick Rossborough vs. Raphael Butler

The bell rang and both fighters came out throwing bombs. With Rossborough appearing to be getting the better of the exchanges, Butler opted to take his opponent down. Stuffed up against the fence, Butler was controlling Rossborough and delivering some heavy shots. Yet, for some reason he suddenly relented. Standing up, he invited Rossborough to stand and trade with him again. Moving forward, stalking his opponent with his hands down, Butler was suddenly caught by a big left and went down to the canvass. Hoping on top of him, Rossborough began to work some ground and pound. Finally taking his back and sinking the hooks in, Rossborough was fishing for a rear-naked choke and making Butler uncomfortable. Suddenly and without notice, Butler head-butted Rossborough, and the ref stepped in and separated the fighters. Deducting a point from Butler, the ref then re-started the fight from a standing position – a mistake to say the least. As they stood the fighters began to bang again, and again Rossborough was getting the better of it. However, the bell rang and the first was over.

In the second Rossborough came out tired. With that Butler had an easy round, taking his opponent down and delivering some G ‘n P and attempting a kimura submission that was never much of a real threat. The third round was a repeat of the second. However, Rossborough was even more exhausted. Coming out at the bell, Rossborough threw a haymaker and immediately fell to the ground. With that, Butler jumped on top of him and controlled him for the entire round. The crowd was not pleased. With the clock expired the judges’ scorecard was read; majority draw.   

Fight #2: Marius Zaromskis vs. Vaughn Anderson

The story of this fight was all Marius Zaromskis. The impressive welterweight laid a beating on Vaughn Anderson for three full rounds, and with the exception of a one punch, Anderson was never really in the fight. Anderson hung with Zaromskis through the first part of round one, but was clearly not up to Zaromskis technical skills. However, he caught “Z” and with a right and stunned his opponent, but was unable to follow up and capitalize on his success. With his opponent recovered Anderson himself was caught with a big right to the liver that dropped him to the ground. From there out and for the full second and third rounds it was all Zaromskis. The fighter battered his opponent with a variety of different shots, outclassed him on the feet, and made him suffer a withering barrage of low-kicks that would have stopped a lot of fighters. However, Anderson rode out the storm to the fight’s end; winner by way of unanimous decision, Marius Zaromskis.

Fight #3: John Alessio vs. Eric Wisely

There is quite literally not much to say about this fight. For three rounds Wisely exhibited a great deal of movement, but little offense. For the most part, he circled off and presented no angels. In round one Alessio finally got hold of his opponent took him down and sat in his guard for four minutes. For his efforts he managed to cut Wisely, but little else. The second round was a complete snooze fest. There was virtually no offense in it whatsoever. Round three was a repeat of round one, with Alessio finally getting Wisely to the ground where he controlled him from half-guard, but little else. With the clock expired and the judges’ polled the verdict was rendered; winner by way of unanimous decision, John Alessio

Fight #4: Daniel Weichel vs. Desmond Green

The two fighters came out and from distance, began a technical striking game. Lunging forward with single shots, but not combinations, the two fighters took pokes at one another, with both attempting takedowns that were stuffed. However, nearing the end of round one Green was able to get Weichel to the ground, but with no net gain. As soon as he was down, Weichel was almost immediately on his feet again. Up against the cage and with Green riding his back, Weichel rode out the remaining seconds of the round.

In the second Weichel started to find a home for his punches. Wobbling Green with a big right, Weichel gave pursuit and dropped Green with a left. With Weichel on top of him Green went back to his wrestling roots, stifling his opponent’s ground game and giving him enough time to recover. Once back to his feet Green seemed to be okay. However, Weichel quickly began to pull away in the stand-up, and in hurting Green one last time the fight went to the ground again. With Weichel on top of him Green gave up his back and Weichel laid in both his hooks and the submission; winner by way of rear-naked choke at the 2:07 mark of the second round, and winner of Bellator’s Season 10 feather weight tournament and 100K in prize money, Daniel Weichel. 

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