Bellator 117 Recap: Douglas Lima Wins Welterweight Title By Corner Stoppage

Bellator 117 Recap: Douglas Lima Wins Welterweight Title By Corner Stoppage


Bellator 117, as from the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is in the books and once again, the promotion put on a solid night of entertaining fights.

The star of the night had to be Douglas Lima.

Lima put on a masterful demonstration of kicking power as he stalked Rick Hawn over two rounds, dropping his opponent at will with heavy leg kicks to Hawn’s lead leg. Coming out of the first round “Genghis’s” leg was visibly red, with the fighter beginning to show signs of withering under Lima’s assault. By the second, Hawn couldn’t take much more. Indeed, after having been kicked off of his feet for the last time Hawn didn’t show a whole lot of interest in wanting to get back up, and with that Hawn’s corner threw in the towel.

With the win Lima has seized Bellator’s welterweight title and continues to build a case for himself as one of the best 170 pounders in the sport.

The other stars of the night were Patricky Freire and Marcin Held. The lightweights won their respective fights with impressive stoppages, and will now move on to face one another in the lightweight tournament finale.

Up next for the promotion is Bellator 118. The May 2nd card will be headlined by a bantamweight title fight between champion Eduardo Dantas, and challenger Joe Warren.

Here are the night’s results and recap.

Fight #1: Patricky Freire vs. Derek Campos

Campos came out the more aggressive fighter and the better general. With strikes he began to back Freire up, but with real great success in terms of damage. In return, Freire seemed to be biding his time and keeping his powder dry. Through the whole of the first Freire didn’t throw a lot of anything, but as the round wore on he began to find his range and make contract. In the second it was all Freire. “Pitbull” came out and immediately dropped Campos with a big left. However, Campos survived the shot. Making his way back to his feet Freire caught Campos again, this time with a big right. With his opponent down on the canvas, Freire took full mount and began to deliver heavy shots to Campos head. Campos did his best to survive it, but rolled over on his stomach and doing nothing to defend himself the referee stepped in an called an end to the fight; winner by way of TKO at the fifty-two second mark of the first round and moving on to the lightweight tournament finale, Patricky Freire.  

Fight #2: Karl Amoussou vs. David Gomez

Amoussou came out throwing a lot of punches and putting out a lot of energy. He easily controlled the ring and took the round with his by way of pace and generalship. For his part, Gomez seemed to waiting for Amoussou to burn himself out. In the second, Gomez decided to turn up the volume. Coming forward he seemed to be doing well, but then Amoussou tossed to the mat. In doing so, Amoussou went for a heel hook and for a moment it looked like he might sink it in. However Gomez escaped and made it back to his feet. From there Amoussou began to look as if he was tiring and with Amoussou began to take control with effective striking. By the time it was over, Gomez had probably won the round. The third round turned into a grinding affair and one that Amoussou probably took by way of his clinch and ability to back Gomez up. With the clock eroded a verdict had to be sought from the judges’ scorecards; winner by way of split decision, Karl Amoussou.

Fight #3: Marcin Held vs. Derek Anderson

Held came out and immediately pushed the fight up against the cage, and scored a takedown. With Anderson on his back, Held began looking for knee bars and ankle locks. However, Anderson was able to punch his way out of the position and even reverse Held. Yet, Held kept regaining control. The net result of was that the whole of the first round was spent on the mat with Anderson fighting off submission attempts. In the second Anderson looked to be doing better at keeping the fight standing and indeed, was beginning to a home for his straight punches. Looking as if he was unhappy with the way the stand-up was going, Held dove in for Anderson’s leg and managed to get hold of it. Dragging the fight to the ground Held again went back to work, this time looking for a choke submission. With Anderson’s head stuck firmly between Held’s legs, the Polish fighter began to sink in a triangle. After struggling to work his way out of it, Anderson finally relented and tapped; winner by triangle choke at the 3:05 mark of the second round and advancing to the lightweight tournament finale, Marcin Held. 

Fight #4: Douglas Lima vs. Rick Hawn

Lima came out moving forward and stalking his opponent. In response, Hawn got on his bike. Moving in and out and presenting a myriad of angles, Hawn was looking to either be well out of Lima’s range or well on the inside of it. The first round presented little action over the majority of it, but coming into the final minutes Lima began to find a home for his kicks. Battering Hawn with heavy shots, Lima began to drop Hawn with the powerful blows. Second time through and with Hawn turtled up on mat, his back to the cage and taking shots, it looked as if Lima was about to end “Genghis’s” night. However, before the referee could step in the bell rang and saved Hawn form being finished. In the second round Lima picked right up where he left off. Coming out strong and confident, Lima began to focus in on Hawn’s lead leg repeatedly dropping his opponent at will. Once knocked down, Lima would then retreat and wait for his opponent to stand again. With one final and mighty blow, “The Phenom” dropped Hawn to the canvass with another kick to his opponent’s lead leg and with that, Hawn’s corner threw in the towel; winner by way of a corner stoppage TKO at the 3:19 mark of the second round, and new Bellator welterweight champion, Douglas Lima. 

Outside photo courtesy of the Windsor Star.

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  • TheXperience

    Lima gets last night's Savage Award…!!

    • Brian Cox

      That was beautiful. Rick Hawn is a good fighter and Lima made him look helpless. I would love to see him fighting in the UFC. My guess is that he'd crack the top-ten easily. He'd be a great fight for any ranked welterweight.

      • TheXperience

        For sure! He's a beast man… looking forward to seeing how his lil brother does on TUF!

      • D

        Rick Hawn is a lightweight. Last night showed that he can't compete with the top fighters at 170. Lima looked like he hardly broke a sweat. Hawn couldn't hit him with anything, and Lima had no trouble shrugging off his takedown attempts.