Bellator 113: Derek Anderson And Patricky Freire’s Moments

Bellator 113: Derek Anderson And Patricky Freire’s Moments


Bellator 113 took place last night and the Mulvane, Kansas card gave fans more than a few sizzling moments.

However, the best of last night’s performances had to be those of Derek Anderson and Patricky Freire. The dyad of powerful lightweights put their opponents away in beautiful KO fashion.

For Anderson it was a stunning KO of Brandon Girtz. With his opponent leaning down and in while throwing a heavy left bomb, Anderson raised his knee and made direct contract with Girtz’s face. The impact of the blow sounded like a well hit triple; crack! With “The Barbaric” fully airborne, his knee sent the powerful Girtz to the canvas; out cold and with no idea of what had happened to him when he came to. It was, in a word, beautiful.

For Freire it was all about his boxing. Rickels was not doing well at range and kept on trying to turn the fight into a brawl. And to be fair, he had some success with it in the first round. However, in the second round Freire took over and began catching Rickels. To the point, he caught him twice and with two impressive left / right combinations. The first of the pair wobbled Rickels and put him at the door of a loss. The second combination dropped and stopped Rickels. Like Anderson’s KO of Girtz, it was beautiful.

Wins by both these talented lightweight fighters, along with that of Marcin Held, bodes well for the fights remaining in the 155 pound tournament, and promises a solid opponent for the winner of Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler III.

Here are Derek Anderson and Patricky Freire moments from last night’s Bellator 113 event, as well as the highlights from the whole evening. 

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