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Bellator 106: Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez II Fight Highlights


Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez put on another classic bout at last night’s Bellator 106 in Long Beach. Alvarez returned from a year-long layoff to upset the surging Chandler with a bloody split decision win.

While Chandler was able to take down his opponent repeatedly, Alvarez responded by peppering Chandler’s face with a multitude of significant strikes. His jab was finding a consistent home, and he eventually closed Chandler’s eye shut.

It was a triumphant return to the cage for Alvarez, who regains his belt after a long legal spat with Bellator. Check out the full fight video highlights of the promotion’s biggest event ever, courtesy of MMA Junkie:

  • Ivy

    To me it looked like Eddie tapped in the RNC.

  • To me he just looked indecisive about what he was gonna do to counter the attack… It was cranked a bit but the choke didn't sink in just yet…

  • Eddie got the win, but Chandler man handled Eddie most of the fight and was the aggressor up until the last round or so. It could have gone either way IMO.

    • Zip

      Respectfully Entity, what fight were you watching?

  • i was rooting for Alvarez so i was very happy when it was announced that he won but to be honest, if the judges had said "and STILL the champion Michael Chandler" i wouldn't have been too surprised either. It was a dog fight and i thought Chandler was a bit more the aggressor and won at least 2 rounds if not 3 out of 5 IMO. But i can't complain, i'm happy to see the guy i was rooting for win.