Bellator 105 Results: Will Brooks & Tiger Sarnavskiy Advance to Finals

Bellator 105 Results: Will Brooks & Tiger Sarnavskiy Advance to Finals


Bellator 105 from the Santa Ana Star Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has come and gone, and with it, for the most part, a fairly entertaining card. There weren’t any particularly great fights on the night, but there were some a few good moments and the top of the card bout, between Will Brooks & Saad Awad, was certainly entertaining. The most impressive move of the night was Desmon Green’s, when he opened up a cut, via elbow, on Angelo Sanchez’s forehead that caused the ref to pause the fight and have the ring doctor take a look at it. Upon examination it was a very, very ugly cut.

However, the doctor stated that if his corner could stop the bleeding, he’d allow the fight to continue. As must have transpired, the doctor must have been told that no (medical / corner) attendance may be sought by a fighter in mid round. At that point, the doctor waived off the fight and declared Green the winner by way of TKO.

To the import of the night and its lightweight semi-final outcomes, Will Brooks will face off against Russian Phenom Tiger Sarnavskiy, in the promotions tournament finale, and in a battle that will be a solid test for both; solid wrestler with stand-up skills, as against a well-rounded fighter, that is tough, quick, good everywhere and has only lost once in his 26 professional fights.

The most interesting news of the night, however, came not by way of outcome or bout, but rather by way of mid-event announcement that Tito Ortiz is out (fractured neck) of Bellator’s inaugural pay-per-view, and that the event itself has been moved to a “free” (YES!) broadcast on SPIKE TV; same date and time.  

This is great (!) news for all MMA fans that would normally have tuned in for the event, but would otherwise be reluctant to fork out forty to fifty dollars for the card on a PPV.

The results of tonight’s card are as follows:


Fight #1: Eugene Fadiora vs. Keith Berry (185)

The story of this fight was all Eugene Fadiora. Berry came out quickly and looked like he might have had a game plan, but once the fight was clinched it was all downhill from there, for Berry. He was taken down twice in the first round and while there, received a nasty cut; 10 / 9 Fadiora. The second round broke and Fadiora, used good foot work to keep Berry at rand and deliver a few nasty jabs, but victory lay on the ground for Fadiora. As the fight went to the mat, Fadiora put some real hurt on Berry, who was completely outclassed on the ground. Fadiora was controlling Berry and delivering some nasty elbows, and worked him in and out of a number of partial crucifix positions. At the end, Fadiora had him in one and began delivering some really nasty and repeated elbows to Berry’s face; winner by TKO at the 4:19 mark of the second round, Eugene Fadiora.

Fight #2: Siala-Mou Siliga vs. Ron Sparks (265)

Not much to say about this fight other than it was all “Mighty Mo” Siliga. The two big heavyweights and former training partners came out, and what we thought was going to be a slugfest, turned out to be nothing more than a war of ground dominance by Mighty Mo. Sparks came and “attempted” a takedown. I say attempted, because in watching him trying to execute it, it reminded me of watching cold maple syrup drip from a spout; it was slow. Mighty Mo stuffed it easily, at which point he began to demonstrate the he knows something about ground fighting and submissions. On his back and looking like a duck out of water, Sparks was helpless to defend himself as Mighty Mo worked to side-control, and pinning Sparks’s left arm between his legs. With one arm pinned and the other arm cranked in an Americana, Mighty Mo began to crank and Sparks began to moan; winner by Keylock submission at the 2:52 mark of the first round, Might Mo Siliga.

Fight #3:  Tiger Sarnavskiy vs. Ricardo Tirloni

Wow! What to say about the fight other than the Russian, Sarnavskiy, is the real deal. The bell rang, Tiger came forward and they engaged. With the fight pushed up against the fence and a little space between the two, Tiger spun and hit Tirloni with a the back-fist of his right hand; square on the face. Tirloni went down and Tiger followed. On top and delivering blows to the Brazilian BJJ specialist, one would think that Tiger would have been smart to disengage and stand. However, he did not. With the fight rolling and Tiger looking like he’d lost top position, Tirloni stood up and Tiger had him in a triangle choke. Tirloni dropped to the ground and it was over; winner by triangle choke at the 1:08 mark of the first round, Tiger Sarnavskiy.

Fight #4: Desmon Green vs. Angelo Sanchez

It was an interesting fight to say the least. Sanchez started out a little slow and Green took advantage of it, outdoing Sanchez in everything. He scored a couple of takedowns and outpointed Sanchez (easily) to a 10 / 9 round. The bell rang for the second and Sanchez seemed to have found his grove, but in the middle of a pocket, Green delivered a Chris Weidman-esque right elbow to Sanchez’s head and opened up a massive cut on his opponent’s forehead. The fight went to the ground and with Sanchez on his back receiving considerable damage, the ref stepped in and had the doctor check the cut; winner by TKO, because of doctor’s stoppage, Desmon Green.  

Fight # 5: Will Brooks vs. Saad Awad

A pretty entertaining fight for the most part, but the story of it was Will Brooks’s wresting and well executed game plan. Brooks’s intent from beginning to end was not to end up in a brawl with Awad. At range, he used his kicks effectively and when he wanted, he changed levels and took Awad down. He out wrestled and out powered Awad, and although Saad put up a valiant fight off of his back, it wasn’t enough. That said, in the second it looked as if Awad would pull it out of the bag. On his back and taking punishment, Awad threw up a triangle choke and looked to have Brooks. However, he failed to anchor the hold effectively, and with Brooks making space with his elbow, the bell rung and Brooks was saved from any further improvement of the position by Awad. However and that said, make no mistake about it, it was tight, close and Brooks did not work out of it.  

By the third both were visibly tired, but Awad more so. He went for and got a takedown, but Brooks exploded out of it and for the rest of the round, the only offense Awad really had was taunting, and trying to lull Brooks into a brawl that he’d avoided for the previous two rounds; winner by unanimous decision, Will Brooks.


Raphael Butler defeats Joseph Bryant via TKO, at the 1:04 mark of the first round.

Volkan Oezdemir defeats Josh Lanier via TKO, at the 3:13 mark of the first round.

Luis Nogueira defeats Frank Baca via submission, at the 4:41 mark of the first round.

Eddie Larrea defeats Rocky Ramirez via submission, at the 1:45 mark of the second round.

Steve Garcia defeats Shawn Bunch via TKO, at the 3:29 mark of the third round.

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