Bellator 103: Mikhail Zayats & David Rickels Impress

Bellator 103: Mikhail Zayats & David Rickels Impress


Bellator 103 went off tonight in Wichita, Kansas, and it was a question of what do you want to see?

Two fights (first on the broadcast) were amazingly entertaining bouts; period; Mikhail Zayats vs. Aaron Rosa & David Rickels vs. JJ Ambrose; both were / are worth watching.  

The first was a short and sweet statement, in its effort; the second being a more protected affair, but nonetheless, one with a similar definitive stoppage.

With it all considered, it was a decent night of fights, top-loaded at the front end of the broadcast. It most certainly left MMA fans with the names of two burgeoning MMA stars they should pay attention to; Mikhail Zayats & David Rickels. Zayats, the (small) light-heavyweight, seems to be the real deal in terms of his aggression and skills; once again the Russians prove themselves. Rickels appears to be everything that a fighter needs to be, to be and then some. In a nutshell, this 155 pounder seems to have everything that it takes, both on the feet and on the ground, to deal with the best that MMA has to offer.

The card and its results, are as follows:

Main Card Results:

Fight #1: Mikhail Zayats vs. Aaron Rosa

Wow! Mikhail Zayats just came out and put it to the (much) larger Rosa. The bell rand and Zayats came out, grappled and clinched, took Rosa to the ground and 47 seconds later, it was over. Rosa was put on his side and the Russian went for a nasty, and when I say nasty Kimura, I mean nasty; Rosa was screaming in pain. Surely, had Zayats thrown it on Rosa an inch more his shoulder blade would have been broken; it was one of those, turn away if you’re squeamish, moments; winner by devastating and ugly Kimura, Mikhail Zayats at the :47 mark of the first round; advances to the finals.

Fight #2: David Rickels vs. JJ Ambrose

Wow!!! David Rickels is a scary 155 pounder; again, wow. He went out and laid a beating on a very good fighter who was well rounded and in shape and he just put it on him. If you missed this fight, then you missed a great bout. Rickels went at Ambrose hammer and tongs and amazingly Rosa took it, and even in the beating seemed to take advantage of the disadvantage, and put Rickels on his back. However, he had nothing in top positions and suffering an active guard from Rickels, he would be forced to give up fruitless position, time and again; either by ref’s intervention or bell’s conclusion. There were moments of brilliance and artistry, from Rickels; the liver shot he hit Ambrose with is amazing.

The three round schooling aside, David “The Caveman” Rickels demonstrated significant abilities, generalship and seizure of tactical position, by ending the fight midway through the third round, by way of devastating (north / south, opponent’s head stuffed up against the cage position); winner, by way of referee’s waive, David Rickels, at the 2:37 mark of the first round; in “impressive”, didn’t care where it went fashion, and as the result of unanswered strikes; this fight is the real deal, in either the senior or the junior, promotion; pay note.

Fight #3: Justin Wilcox vs. Joe Taimanglo

This was, for the most part, a yawn of a fight. Taimanglo was by far the superior striker and as such, and being on the losing end of a stand-up battle, Wilcox opted to keep taking the fight to the ground. Through enough effort, domination and pace, Silverback was able to stave off referee (Big) John McCarthy from re-standing the bout and as such, was able to nullify the much better striker (Taimanglo) and advance, to the final rounds of the tournament; winner by, a less than interesting fight, Justin Wilcox, by way of unanimous decision.

Fight # 4: Patricio Freire vs. Fabricio Guerreiro

In a phrase, chess match. Back and forth they went, with neither opponent gaining dominant advantage or position. Guerreiro seemed to be the better stand-up tactician and executioner through the first two rounds, but every time he seemed to be getting the better of it, Freire took him to the ground and proved who was more dominant. If you’re a fan of the dramatic, then you probably hated the fight. However, if you favor a chess match, which is what this fight was, both on the feet and on the ground, then you probably well enjoyed it; winner by unanimous decision and moving on to the Bellator MMA featherweight finals, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire.

Preliminary Results:

 Carlos Eduardo defeated Wayman Carter, via submission (RNC at the 2:06 mark of round 1)

 Remy Bussieres defeated Blake Pool, via unanimous decision.

 Maurice Jackson defeated Matt Uhde, via TKO (doctor’s stoppage, at the: 52 mark of round 1)

 Donnie Bell defeated Marcio Navarro, via submission (neck crank, at the 2:06 mark of round 1)

 Jeimeson Saudino defeated Jesse Thornton, via split decision.

 Ricky Musgrave defeated Cody Carrillo, via submission (Kimura, at the 2:59 mark of round 1)

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  • Entity

    I think Bellator does a good job of finishing fights for the most part. Maybe its because there is still a large gap between some of the fighters skills IDK. But Bellator does a good job all in all and often out shines its bigger comp. on many shows.

    • Brian Cox

      Stewie, and I know I owe you money and I've been avoiding you, but nonetheless, I'd have to say that when Bellator gets it right, they really get it right.

      • Entity

        It's ok Brian, your informative articles have bought you another week man.
        I saw Rickels a while back and he left that impression that he was tough, but obviously evolved a LOT. I'll be keeping a eye on him for sure.

        • Brian Cox

          Stewie, surely it will be an "all seeing eye".

          Happy pre-11.22.63.

          Magic isn't real is it, Stewie?

          • Entity

            Let me be the first to jab 5 fingers into the "all seeing eye" and the illuninutty. 8P