Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort first fought at Pride 32 in 2006, with Hendo taking the win by decision. The two have reportedly agreed to rematch on November 9th, in a Light-Heavyweight clash.

Hendo confirmed the bout on Tuesday’s UFC tonight, and according to Hendo (via MMAFighting.com) the rematch will take place at 205lbs.

The former Pride champion will apply for a TUE, and confirmed Belfort will move up to 205 pounds to fight Henderson in Brazil. Tannure confirmed Belfort will continue his use of testosterone replacement therapy for his next fight.

So what does that mean for the Light-Heavyweight division?

Truthfully, not a great deal. If Hendo can beat Belfort, he will maintain his legitimate status. Whereas is Belfort is victorious, he will most likely go back to MW where he is currently in line for a title shot.

This is quite a shrewd move by Belfort, who has stated that his next bout at 185 would preferably be a title shot. Hendo is on a two fight skid at present, so a win for him would be a massive boost. A loss, and it is probably going to mark the end of a long career for Dan.

Belfort is in a win-win situation here, a loss holds no bearing on his 185lb. status, and a win will add another legend to his resume, and also give him better standing at 205lbs.

Then there is the question of TRT use. We know that Hendo can use it in the USA, but what about Brazil? Dr Tannure of Brazil’s MMA commission gave some insight in to the situation:

"I wasn’t officially informed about this fight, but if (Henderson) wants to use the TRT exemption in Brazil he will need to send us all the exams so we can analyze it," Dr. Tannure said. "I know he has the authorization to use that in the US, but this is a different commission, so we need to see all the exams."

He may not be the only party facing uncertainty about TRT exemptions, as the only anti-doping lab in Brazil is currently suspended by the world anti-doping agency (WADA).

We really will see how effective TRT is on a fighter’s ability, if both guys are going to face each other while off the ‘Juice’.