Bas Rutten is one of the greatest and most legendary names in all of mixed martial arts. His storied career spanned 13 years, ending in 2006, and witnessed “El Guapo” exiting the sport with an impressive 28 & 4 record, with one draw, culminating in an 85% win rate. Further, Rutten managed an astounding 89% finishing rate during his tenure.

Further still, Rutten closed out his career with a 21 fight winning streak; 8 fight winning streak if you take Rutten’s record forward from his 1997 draw, with Osami Shibuya.  

In short, with his number of wins, consecutive wins and the streak that he exited the sport on, his numbers speak for themselves. Bas Rutten was a heck of a fighter, in his day.

Recently, Bas was on AXS TV Fights “Voice Versus” show and the question was put to Rutten as to whether or not he would have beaten fellow legendary fighter Fedor Emelianenko, when they were both active and in their prime.  

As is Bas’s style, he gave a very introspective answer and then a simply statement.

Bas stated that he was and always has been a very confident fighter, and that he always believed that he would win. As such, he never allowed himself to doubt the outcome of a fight; that he knew “100%” he was going to win. To the point, Bas believes it’s wrong of a fighter to ever allow himself to think otherwise.

Based on that mindset, Bas said simply “Yeah, I think I would beat him”, at which point Rutten smiled and expressed a muted laugh.

It’s a pity that fans were robbed of the fight and never got to see the two legends do battle, but on the finer point of El Guapo’s logic, it’s hard to argue with his position on self-belief and it’s one that Emelianenko himself, would probably echo.

In listening to Rutten’s comments, fans have to wonder what would have happened had Fedor been sitting there and chimed in with a statement of “prove it”. Sadly, fans should probably not dare such dreams.