Antonio Silva & Mark Hunt: A Picture Of Two Brothers In Arms

Antonio Silva & Mark Hunt: A Picture Of Two Brothers In Arms


After pummelling the living daylights out of one another for five rounds, in what may be the greatest heavyweight fight in UFC history, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt posed for a picture together backstage, at last night’s UFC Fight Night 33 in Brisbane, Australia.

The two put on an amazing fight, with both looking as if they were about to stop the other at several points in the match. The fight was razor thin in its scoring, with the judges finally determining that the bout was a majority draw.  

As it was, one of the judges scored the match 48 – 47 Hunt, while the other two judges marked it 47 – 47. The net result of it was that one judge gave Hunt three rounds, as well as one 10 – 8 round, while the other judge gave Silva three rounds, as well as his own 10 – 8 round; razor close to say the least.

As the two are good friends and former training partners, Mark wanted fans to see that friends can go to war with one another, yet still remain friends.

Mark posted the picture on his Twitter account, with the following comment:

“Brothers in arms well done Bigfoot 1 love.”

Truly, it’s a great picture and most assuredly, fans are going to want to see these two great fighters in a rematch.

As a side note and if you didn’t know, both fighters received their “win” money for their performances last night; as was only fitting.


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  • ClosetCasey

    OMG !! I wonder if they saw that ghost behind them.

    • purinho

      His name is Glover.

  • Bruce Lee

    Sport and sportsmanship at its finest. True ambassadors for MMA

    • Zip

      Agreed, and always the voice of reason.

  • Zip

    The cute girl with the pink 'Bad idea' t-shirt is driving me crazy. Wonder how much LK is paid for that advertising,

  • GianGiacommo G

    Pure class!