Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Prepares For Mark Hunt

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Prepares For Mark Hunt


In describing Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, fans might use words like big, bad, scary and enormous. If they did they’d be right, because Silva is all of those things and more.

He is quite literally a mountain of a man and stands a serious threat to all but the best in the division. He packs a great deal of power and although not the quickest thing on his feet, if Bigfoot catches his opponent he can turn any fighter’s lights out.  

The negatives on Silva are that he doesn’t have a great chin, is not the most technical of strikers and generally comes up short in big fights. Further, he’s a bit of an accidental tourist when it comes to his two UFC wins; Travis Browne & Alistair Overeem.

Against “Hapa”, Silva took home an easy first round TKO stoppage, because Browne blew his hamstring out very early in the round and as such, was pretty much a helpless victim to the onslaught that Bigfoot put on him.

In the Overeem fight, Silva scored a third round (brutal) KO of the Dutchman, but only after losing the first two rounds and then being saved from defeat, by “The Reem” coming out in the third with his hands down and handing Bigfoot his chin on a platter.

In a nutshell, Silva is lucky to be 2 & 2 in the UFC and not 0 & 4, cut and shipped out the door to Bellator or the WSOF.

This Saturday night in Brisbane, Australia, Bigfoot has a chance to rack up a legitimate win and against a seriously tough fighter, in the way of Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt. If he can beat Hunt, particularly if he can put him away, it will go a long way in turning his UFC fortunes around. However, if he can’t beat Hunt, particularly if he gets KO’d, fans will have to wonder how much longer he can survive in the promotion, without be axed by the management.

In considering it, Bigfoot will probably get one more kick at the can if he loses to Hunt, but that’ll be it. The bottom line for Silva is that he needs a win on Saturday night (Friday night in North America) and to do any less, could well mean his walking papers will be drawn up and sitting on Dana White’s desk waiting to be signed.  

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  • Entity

    He better not let Mark hit him for one full round like Alistar did. If he does it will be lights out for BF.

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    I like BF – Super Nice guy when I met him in person! But Mark is gonna knock him into oblivion in the first – I bet the house.

  • sambo

    The only way to prepare for Mark Hunt is to buy a good pair of running shoes

  • TheXperience

    Wow… his deadlift form is HORRIBLE !! Lol……