Anthony Pettis vs. Ben Henderson Fight Video Highlights

Anthony Pettis vs. Ben Henderson Fight Video Highlights


Anthony Pettis turned in a performance for the ages when he submitted Ben Henderson last night. 

Check out the video highlights of last night’s stunning UFC 164 Lightweight title fight between Anthony Pettis and Ben Henderson courtesy of Fox Sports:

 Photo: David Banks for USA Today Sports Images

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  • Attack attack

    Verbal tap out! Mini GSP is gone!

  • Bruce Lee

    "Video cannot be played from your location" so I got off the couch and went and sat on the toilet. It still didn't work.

    • FedorP4P

      Haha, I read this comment from the toilet. Is that like a typical thing for mms fans?

  • Jamie Kennedy

    Weird night of fights, definitely didn't see Bendo getting submitted. Picked Pettis to win, so good job Anthony, I wonder who his first defense will be against. TJ Grant?

    • Cookie77

      Chale Sonnen?

  • OperationCWAL

    thats it, baddest mom on earth P4P bens mom vs pettis mom GO