Anthony Pettis thanks Nate Diaz for advice to beat the Cowboy

Anthony Pettis thanks Nate Diaz for advice to beat the Cowboy


Surging UFC Lightweight Anthony Pettis appears in an interview with MMA Fighting to address his ultra impressive victory over Donald Cerrone

He states that he was never in trouble or hurt in the fight. Pettis also acknowledges that Nate Diaz assisted him in gameplanning for the bout.

When asked if he is the number one contender, Pettis replies that he is the best Lightweight period.

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  • ripstic5021

    I'm super hyped for Pettis to fight Bendo. Ideally Pettis will destroy Bendo and send him packing to the welterweight division. Than we can have a dream matchup Nate Diaz vs Pettis.

    • KeithFarrell

      Come again?

      • ClosetCasey

        That's what she said?


    Only advise Nate can give Pettis when he fights Bendo again is, once the going gets tough hit him with the double bird for the moral victory.

    • Entity

      lol…like this!

      • Entity

        I win!

        • sambo

          Wrong Diaz but hey its the thought that counts

  • Evan Holober

    Stylistically, Anthony still has the upper hand against Ben. Shame he'll have to wait on the Henderson-Melendez match up though.

    • UnderdogGreatness

      Pettis and Bendo are pretty much even in my opinion.

    • Entity

      People would crap their pants if Melendez beat both of them…not that I see that happening though.

    • Bruce Lee

      Stylistically I would have thought a wrestler would be a bigger concern for a Tae Kwon Do practitioner.

      • thexperience1

        Pettis has been training with Ben Askren every day for the past couple of years.. I highly doubt he'll get outwrestled again like Guida did him… Especially cause that made him commit to improve his wrestling which he showed in the Jeremy Stephens fight… Just 4 months after fighting Guida. I think Bendo is in trouble… and i'm a hugeeeeee Bendo fan!! Pettis will whoop Gilbert too one way or another i see Pettis wearing UFC Gold this year….!

        • Entity

          He just might, he's fast.

      • Evan Holober

        Breaking it down to their first respective disciplines, both are tae kwon do practicioners (Ben trained in that before wrestling).

        As MMA's both have added enough to not be thought of as either.

        Pettis's skill set just trumps Bens. His power keeps Ben honest, and the fact that most of Ben's takedowns are clinch related instead of blast doubles (ala Guida), means Ben will always have a tough match up against Pettis. His kicks have gotten better, but that means next to nothing against Anthony.

  • highkick12

    Pettis is soo much more exciting then Henderson. That alone is why I would much rather him be the champ.

    • Entity

      Anyone more dangerous is the best champ as I've come to see.

  • Brian Cox

    That shin to Cerone's liver was impressive, man.

    In terms of a match-up, both Pettis and Henderson are incredible fighters, both of whom are very dynamic. On the face of it, I guess you'd have to give the nod to Pettis in power and for the previous win over Bendo. However, with that said, Bendo isn't the same guy that lost and he's a Champion in the biggest fight promotion, out there and there's something about being Champion that's beneficial.

    This fight could go either way. I really like and respect both fighters. I'll be happy no matter who wins and at the end of it, the division will still have a great Champ.

    …still miss Frankie, though.

    • Entity

      Unfortunately for Cerrone, he doesnt adapt in a fight. Its the same Cerrone each time. After the first kick to the side, he should have been covering up…kinda like Nate Marquart getting kicked until his leg fell off.