Announcement: Make your picks for UFC 156 and you could win a...

Announcement: Make your picks for UFC 156 and you could win a great prize!


We are back with another great LowKick prize competition, and this time it’s real simple! All you have to do, is submit your picks for UFC 156: Aldo vs. Edgar coming up this Saturday. The highest scorer for the event will receive an awesome package of MMA fight apparel courtesy of Vehement MMA, which will include a pair of gloves and two t-shirts.

So don’t forget to submit your picks and check out all of Vehement MMA’s gear (it’s all organic!) on their website Good luck to everybody!

  • itaiarbel


  • azzkika

    Why do the picks only give 3 rounds as option for title fights/ main event fights? they should be 5 rounds to pick.

    • Yael Brosh

      Changed the settings. Good catch, thanks!

      • enjoylife321

        @yael… When are you going to start offering prizes for the worst picks…?

        • Yael Brosh

          Now that's an idea. problem is, lowkick staff would sweep all the prizes!

        • Brian Cox

          @ Enjoy

          Ha! Ha!

          Now, there's an original thought. If they did that, I might actually have a shot. :-)

          • Entity

            It's a shirt that says "I'm better at picking my nose"

          • grapplure

            ^anton lol

  • thealex

    give out a prize for most improved in the last 2 months :) can anyone else not see their picks results on this sunday jan 27??

    • Yael Brosh

      make sure you are logged in. might need to log out and then login again. If it doesn't fix it, send me an email with your user name and password.

      • thealex

        nah i got it. i got 1st place YUSSSS!!

        • Yael Brosh

          :) Well done!