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Angry-Looking Vitor Belfort Says He Will Expose The Holes In Chris Weidman’s Game


Controversial UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort will get the chance to silence his critics at UFC 181, as we learned recently that ‘The Phenom’ would be granted a license to fight for the title against Chris Weidman in December. Belfort was originally scheduled to face ‘The All-American’ at UFC 173, but the TRT ban played havoc with Belfort’s plans and Lyoto Machida took the shot at UFC 175.

Belfort will be the subject of rigorous testing by the NSAC in the coming months, but doesn’t seem to have lost his focus for the Weidman fight. Check out what he said to Combate.com, via Bloody Elbow:

“(Chris Weidman) has a lot of flaws in his game. We’ll exploit them. I’ve been studying Weidman and I believe that you will see a nice fight. I’m ready for five rounds of Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling… This bout has been already very anticipated, I think it’ll be a great show.”

Weidman’s flaws have certainly remained hidden quite well thus far, as ‘The All-American’ remains perfect at 12-0, including two wins over Anderson Silva. Belfort had possibly the best 2013 of all the UFC roster, racking up knockout wins over Dan Henderson Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold. Age, it seems, is not a factor for Belfort:

I’m as hungry as when I won my first world title at 19 years old. Today I’m 37 and I have the opportunity to be world champion for the third time in a third different division. With humility, determination and respect for my opponent, I’ll do my best to win my third belt.

Many critics argued that the testosterone therapy that Belfort used gave him an unfair advantage, but that should play no factor in his UFC 181 title bout with Weidman. Check out the video that Belfort posted to his Instagram and tell me if you think the TRT ban has changed him….

  • Well at least it looks like he's actually off the TRT now, I think Weidman is gonna grind him out.

    • Please… he looks EXACTLY the same and that won't change!

    • Are you serious?

      Looks like he's off TRT and onto rhinoceros testosterone.

      • Yeah you check him out after his camp.When he shows up RIPPED as FUCK at the weigh-ins when he's in peak shape before the fight and tell me if he's not exactly the same. He's just carrying some extra pounds now.

        • Xp, I know you're just supporting your guy and I admire that, but Vitor looks awful my friend, just absolutely terrible. Losing a few pounds is not going to fix that. I'd think twice before you lay down your hard earned cash against a healthy Weidman.


  • Well, he definitely looks softer.

    • Yeah, and about 10 years older. What's up with the hairline? I figured getting off testosterone would help with that if anything.

    • Of course… he's not in peak shape right now. He's carrying some extra pounds. Most fighters don't stay in peak shape year round.

  • wow…watching this vid it is clear that TRT makes a tremendous difference. He looks 10 years older. His muscle mass is off. This is going to be a long night for Vitor. Also…TRT helps prevent injuries….so don't be surprised if Vitor get injured and we see a Rockhold v Weidman fight…which frankly would be the better than Weidman vs no TRT Belfort.

    Also…why is he making this vid…what is the point. Does he think he is scaring Weidman? Does he think it will make fans more interested? Does he think it is what Jesus would do?

    He would have been better off hiding that way..we could not see how bad he looks off TRT. I am actually less interested in the fight.

  • side bar….dude is oiled up LMAO. He just lost all street cred on that. This is solo pathetic…what fighter would oil up and run at a camera man. If Weidman did this…frankly if any fighter other than Vitor did this it would be embarrassing. How many fighters could seriously pull this vid off without being mocked and laughed at…

    BJ Penn
    Brock Lesnar
    Chris Leben
    Rampage (maybe)
    Mark Coleman
    Korean Zombie (but not with the oil)
    Diego Sanchez
    Cain Velasquez (maybe)

    Now think of the guys who if they did this it would be purely comical
    Rampage (makes both lists)
    Jones (although in all fairness EVERY thing he does gets laugh at)
    Chris Weidman
    Uriah Faber
    Cheick Kongo
    Roy Nelson
    Johnny Hendricks
    Anderson Silva (I would piss my pants if he did this)
    John Dodson

    • Lol @ the thought of Anderson Silva making this video

    • Lol @ the thought of Anderson Silva making this video

  • I think really stupid and chidist.LOL

  • weird. he is not jacked anymore…going to get destroyed.

  • I think he's mad about that wood paneling on the wall. "WHAT IS THIS… 1972? RAWWRRR !!! "

    • "Wood" it's whats in….wait that came out wrong

  • Oh Vitor, does your mom know you used up the last of the cooking oil?