Anderson Silva talks 162 On UFC Tonight

Anderson Silva talks 162 On UFC Tonight


The ever smiling Anderson Silva took time away from his fight-week preparations to spend a few minutes with Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian, on “UFC Tonight”.

The UFC middleweight champion seems to be in high spirits and says that mentally and physically he’s ready to go and that he’s “excited” for the fight.

Sonnen raised the issue of how Silva feels about being a 2-to-1 favorite to win the fight, but none-the-less that many people are picking Weidman to win, most notably GSP.

Silva said that he was happy that fans were backing Weidman, as they are also backing him and feels that all the talk about his (Silva’s) possible loss is “important for the sport”. As to GSP picking Weidman, Silva seemed to be unaware of who GSP was, exactly.

Of Weidman and his chances the champ believes it should be a good bout, “because Weidman has good Jiu Jitsu, good wrestling, and good stand-up. It’s a great fight.”

In terms of the possibility of a super fight with Jon Jones, my guess is that should Silva beat Weidman on Saturday that the next target in his sights will be Jones, not Belfort. I would think that he doesn’t truly believe Jones can beat him

He closed by joking that he might fight another 10 years and that if Sonnen wanted another fight with him then “yeah, of course. No problem.”

He also went out of his way to say that he respected GSP and his legacy, as well as all of the other fighters in the UFC. On this point, I couldn’t help but feel that all the criticism he’s probably heard about not being respectful of other fighters, might have seeped through.

In watching this one thing is for sure, Mr. Silva is impossible to not like or respect.

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  • falcon4917

    It was nice to see Chael being nice to Silva and getting some respect back.

    • OperationCWAL

      it took him 2 title fight losses and a reality check he may not get a chance to fight for the belt again to respect Anderson.

    • akieyugames

      I remember before the Big Nog/Werdum fight when he was saying that Big Nog should be ranked higher. Very objective when a host or commentator, that Chael.

  • akieyugames

    lol "WHO"?

    • Entity

      I think that was a two part answer.
      1) to counter GSP's support for Weidman he's made public.
      2) to bait GSP into that fight soon.
      We'll see, should he get past Weidman handily, whether he fights Jones or GSP.

  • Entity

    Deep down, I think Chael has always respected A.S. but his promoting is what it is (make money) it's their jobs. If anything, Anderson can see Chael's respect now and replied like a champ to it.

  • N.C.

    Anybody get a feeling, behind the scenes. Chael and Anderson had a talk and made the whole thing up? Personally, I don't care lol

    its like getting mad when you found out the actor playing superman can't fly. Who care's if it's not real. If i wanted real. I'd watch the news. lol

    • akieyugames

      What???? Henry Cavill can't really fly????? What the Fcuk!!!!!!!Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad*(&^* Moth%$^& Sh%(!!!!!!!

      • Entity


    • Brian Cox

      That's true NC, but the one thing you can never do as "the bad guy" is let the mask drop and I Sonnen has.

      I can't take his trash-talk seriously, anymore. The act has been shown to be an act. As such, it's lost all of it's interest and appeal…at least for me.

      • Entity

        He might be done with his trash talk, it has put him where he wants to be. He's now making money without getting busted up…..Dana rings a bell in that instance(filthy rich and never stepped into a cage)