Anderson Silva Says Teixeira Is The #1 Contender

Anderson Silva Says Teixeira Is The #1 Contender


Former middleweight champion and consensus #1 stand-up fighter in the world, Anderson Silva, today endorsed fellow Brazilian Glover Teixeira as the number one contender to fight Jon Jones.

Speaking to reporters, “The Spider” said that in his opinion “Glover is the number one contender for (a) fight with Jon Jones, because Glover (has) good technique, he’s strong and he’s (got) good wrestling.”

Anderson’s praises aside, one has to remember that before he can get a fight with the champion, Glover has to beat heavy-handed and powerful wrestler Ryan Bader, first (UFC Fight Night 28, September 4th).

Beyond that, Jones himself must survive Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165, 17 days later.

Where I believe the 4 & 0 Teixeira is a solid fighter, having garnered 3 of his 4 wins by of stoppage (2 submissions & 1 TKO), one has to wonder what skills he brings to the table that Jones hasn’t either seen before or dealt with, and what his strategy would be to dethrone the un-defeated champion.

In particular, it would be interesting to see how Glover would deal with the champ’s eight-and-a-half reach advantage and phenomenal wrestling skills.  

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  • Entity

    Oh, he's just showboating for the reporter….wait, what?

  • Ivy

    Translation: "I don't want to fight Jones".

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Translation he hasn't even beaten Weidman yet and wouldn't be fighting Jones any time soon anyways. So if anything it's just him wanting a Brazilian to fight again. Also maybe he just honestly feels that way? after The Mauler, who is left? With another impressive finish I'd say he's next in line. You say it's not against top competition I say I remember all the top competition trying to avoid fighting him.

    • Brian Cox

      My view of it, is that he's keeping his eye on the prize and that prize is Chris Weidman.

      Silva may not beat Weidman, but this time out he won't make the same foolish mistakes and he made several in their first fight. He looked past Chris, he didn't take him seriously and he fought him with his hands down.

      In all his ego cost him any real opportunity that he had to beat Weidman. Next time out I don't think he'll be so foolish or so egotistical and on that point, I think I see a different Anderson in this video. He's speaking English, he's dealing with the media, he's not talking about Jones or GSP or super-fights and I have to figure that's because he's learned his lesson.

      On that point, a more humble, amenable and focused Anderson Silva is not only a breath of fresh air, but also a much more dangerous fighter. Next bout with Weidman is going to be more of a war than a show, which is what Anderson wanted the last fight to be.

      Win or lose, I look forward to seeing the champ back in the cage and back to his old form.

      • Entity

        YeesssssI think you're spot on Brian.(in Stewie's voice)

        • Brian Cox


          • David Saucier

            hwheat thin!

          • Entity

            Cool Hwhip

          • Entity


    • David Saucier

      Ivy translation " I dont care what Silva says I will spin it anyway I can to make Silva look bad.

  • TheRealDeal

    The real question is Anderson….. Are YOU the #1 contender?

    • IGMBurninPiff

      No he can't be the number 1 contender when he's the number 1 fighter. I can't wait for him to get his belt back so all can go back to normal.