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Anderson Silva Says He’s The ‘Black Dana White’


In a video from Fuel TV‘s “UFC From All Angles,” reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva sits down with Karyn Bryant to discuss some humorous topics. Silva notes that Chael Sonnen never showed up to the barbecue he invited him to after UFC 148. 

Bryant notes that Silva has some great dancing moves and that he is very humorous, to which Silva responds he is the ‘black Dana White.’ Check it out:


  • So does that mean Dana White is the white Anderson Silva?

  • Unfortunately for Silva and his wife, Chael had decided to attend his roids dealer free TRT special day event instead of going to Silva's BBQ. It was a once in a lifetime type event.

  • An interesting question to ponder, if you're drinking Dana Black White, Scotch.

  • Needs to go back dancing.