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Anderson Silva Says Chris Weidman Needs To Work On His Standup


In a pre-fight interview from the UFC, middleweight champion Anderson Silva appears to address his pivotal upcoming bout with number one contender Chris Weidman. There’s not a fight that’s being talked about more at this point, as many believe that Weidman is truly the man to wrest the championship belt from Silva’s hands.

However, Silva believes that Weidman still has some work to do before he can have a run as champion. Indeed, Weidman is a bit young in his career, but he has exhibited a submission game characteristic of a much more experienced fighter to go with his NCAA wrestllng pedigree. 

Silva knows that wrestling is not his strong point, and notes that he will look to capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes. He believes that Weidman needs to work on his standup, obviously the area where he excels. Come July 6th, we should have a great bout on our hands. Will it be time for a changing of the guard?


  • Silva is right. Watch the Demian Maia fight of Weidman. Maia was repeatedly able to connect his fists to Weidmans face. This might not be a problem in this case but will sure be when Anderson Silva is standing in front of him and if even Maia is able to connect Silva is surely too. Will Weidman be able to take Silva down? Probably yes. But will he be able to finish the fight n the Ground? I don't think so. And each of the 5 Rounds will begin standing up. This will be the moment when Silva knocks Weidman out.

    • Weidman won't make it past the second round. In fact, he will be using his wrestling skills on the ref after he gets knocked out unconscious by Silva in the second round.

      And the Weidman faux espoir continues….

      • he dont need to sharpen his stand up because his elbow who are gonna be in silva's face, im sure his elbows will be giving him a belt and a tko victory via 2nd round.

    • The odds are the Silva is right, certainly history is in his favor.

      However, MMA math doesn't work like that. You can't assume Weidman will fight Silva the same way Maia, any more than you could assume Silva will act the same was as when he fought Demian.

      Doesn't mean you are wrong, just not right for the reason you gave.

    • Yeah but Maia connected his fist to Anderson Silva face in the 5th round too. And Weidman fought him on a 10 days notice, Maia was preparing Bisping and Bisping is stand up guy, so Maia had great preperation for that.

  • Too bad for Anderson that it's not a kick-boxing match.

    If Chris gets Silva to the ground and Anderson can't keep it standing, then I believe we'll be looking at a new 185 champion come night's end.

    • I believe watching **** not baseball is America's true past time .

  • That's the popular view from what I've seen. I don't think there is any doubt that Chris can take him down, it's just a matter of whose strengths gain the upper hand throughout.

    • I don't think Weidman will be able to work Anderson the way Chael did. I think his MMA wrestling is a notch under Chael's. Without a doubt his sub game is better, but I don't think he'll sub Silva. His ground and pound while I'm sure is probably more effective than the never finisher Chael Sonnen, he would NEVER be able to keep the pace Sonnen did in the Anderson fight. Not because he lacks stamina but because anyone fighting on under 16:1 T:E ratio wouldn't be able to. If the fight stalls on the ground Anderson will be able to rap him up and get a stand up or 2 meaning he'll have 1rst starts to the round and atleast 2 more times on his feet. Silva can finish people almost whenever he wants… considering the only people he didn't finish he didn't want to finish (Maia, Leites)

      • Exactly… Weidman is a great wrestler but his MMA Wrestling is not on the same level as Chael. I see him get countered with something HEAVY (knee/elbow) when he shoots and it'll be NITE NITE…!!

  • AS by sleepy bye punch

  • Without seeing what Chris is really capable of, I have to say Anderson will take this.

  • Why is Soares on this video?! get outta here you leech! you will be getting paid regardless which is all you are care about,all you see is $$$ signs!

  • This is just another paycheck for Mr. Weidy.

  • Gonna be a LONG night for Weidman

    • So, Silva isn't putting Chris away in either the 1rst, 2nd, 3rd or 4th? Cool. I can only assume that means it will another Anderson 5th round comeback.

      As a Weidman fan, I hope Chris can put him away with the 20+ minutes you're figuring he'll get.

      • Brian, if i was a Weidman fan, I'd spend time praying. That is the only hope my friend.

  • Or maybe a short one

  • The last time Anderson fought someone under the age of 30, it was Thales Leites in 2009.

    Okami who was 30, and Anderson was 36 in 2011 when they fought. Now he's 38. The hand speed of an athlete can drop off a lot between 36 to 38, even for the immortal Spider.

    I still think Weidman is a huge underdog, but this is as big a test as Anderson has had in awhile.