Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen have a long history in the sport of MMA, Sonnen was constantly talking trash about Silva since joining the promotion in 2009. The two became inexplicably linked after Sonnen nearly beat Silva in their first fight, Silva threw up a hail-Mary triangle choke in round five and the rest is history.

The second bout was not as entertaining, but far more decisive for ‘The Spider’. At UFC 148, Silva taught Sonnen a lesson, finish ‘The American Gangster’ in round two following a ridiculous failed spinning back fist by the Oregon native.

The heat between these two athletes got so bad that, at one point, Chael was the most hated man in Brazil. Fans attacked him at shows, or tried to, and this only made Sonnen talk more. Insults on Silva’s wife, country and the Nogueira bros. Helped make the Silva/Sonnen beef one of, if not the biggest rivalry in the promotions history.

Silva was on hand to talk with Whoa TV about his former nemesis, and had some surprisingly nice words for the former title contender:

"Chael talk too much, but is a good guy. He's not bad, he's a good guy. Chael is (always) in the media for fight. Chael fight for the belt against me two times. Chael fight Jon Jones, Chael fought "Shogun," Chael fight now. Chael is working for Dana White all the time. Dana don't need to talk nothing because Chael is working all the time. It's normal. Chael talk."

Although Sonnen can be a handful at times, to say the least, he is a manager’s dream; always ready to fight anybody, and he will make you money. The art of selling fights is one that the Oregonian has down to perfection, and his willing to take any fight is refreshing.

Though his choice to fight Light-Heavyweight boss Jon Jones at UFC 159 may not have been prudent for his record, it shows that this guy has balls the size of Kansas. So Silva reveals a new found respect for his arch nemesis, one that could be put to the test in the near future.

Both guys around the same weight, Sonnen is on the up and Silva has hit a bump in the road in Weidman. Don't get used to Silva's sentiments too quickly, as there is always a chance that we will see Silva vs. Sonnen III. Check out the full 30 minute video interview below, where Silva talks Roy Jones JR, Chael Sonnen and Chris Weidman, and stay tuned to Lowkick!