Anderson Silva payed the ultimate price at UFC 162, losing his Middleweight belt to Chris Weidman in a performance that was nothing short of reckless.

At the end of round one, Anderson’s corner were concerned at his antics advising him to calm down. It was the same advice that Anderson’s corner had delivered in the Stefan Bonnar fight however Anderson wanted to push the envelope and psychologically torment Chris Weidman’s fighting ability until it all came unstuck.

When Anderson announced in his post fight speech that Chris Weidman was the better man it did nothing to address the humiliation that had just taken place. It reminded me of Judge Judy Sheinlein’s book titled “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me its raining”. Silva led a complete circus act during the fight, juggling verbal taunts and walking the tight rope flat footed with his hands by his waist which ultimately led to his defeat.

The showboating ended like the titanic with Silva’s long held title sinking deep into the ocean. One of the few people who were not critical of Silva’s performance was Dana White. For a man that is supposedly a huge boxing fan, it seems bizarrely odd that Dana would see nothing wrong in his champion holding his hands by his waist.  

Had Anderson Silva buried his ego and maintained the discipline and composure of George St Pierre, a Superfight with Jon Jones may well have eventuated or even possibly a boxing showdown with Roy Jones Jnr. The best we can hope for at this stage is for Silva to jump back on the horse and face Weidman in a rematch with a renewed focus and discipline. At this stage the rematch is the only viable option for Silva.

Despite the lackadaisical performance of Silva, Weidman showed outstanding composure, great wrestling and submission attempts, not to mention KO power. He deserved this win entirely and delivered what no other fighter could achieve, a big taste of humble pie. Had Silva kept his hands up who knows who would have won. This is the big question that needs to be answered in a rematch.

So fight fans, what should Silva do next in your opinion?

Rematch with Weidman? Move to 205 and challenge Bones, or Retire? Second of all, did you find Dana White’s support of Silva a major contradiction?