Anderson Silva’s 10 fight contract is a done deal according to Dana...

Anderson Silva’s 10 fight contract is a done deal according to Dana White


After speculation about this mythical 10-fight deal began popping up in the media like some sort of lochness monster or leperchaun, the legendary and extraordinarily lengthy deal is now a reality.

During a fan Q&A sponsored by the UFC‘s official wireless partner, MetroPCS, Dana was asked a few questions regarding Silva and the current status of his contract and relationship with the UFC, simply stating:

“I haven’t talked to Anderson in about a month, but as far as I know, it’s done.”

This news is fascinating as many fans and media a like were scoffing at the idea at first of Anderson Silva fighting 10 more times at the age of 37. However what seemed unrealistic is now a reality which allows us to do what we do best as media and fans of the sport, speculate.

With that many fights on the horizon, the matchup possibilities are truely endless and you can bet that a handful of those potential bouts will more than likely be superfights between current and maybe even future champions.

Who knows who will hold what belts and what can happen down the line, I just know that as a fan this deal is truly a gift for multiple reasons.

The most obvious reason would be that it gives us the opportunity to see the very best fighter in the world do what he does best for quite a while longer, it also allows us to look forward to all the potential matchups we’ve all been Dreaming about for years and it ultimately allows Silva to not only cement his already very established legacy, but pretty much extend it to a level that will be well out of reach for any mortal man walking this earth to ever remotely come close to.

I’m not sure about you but just thinking about Jones vs Silva makes my brain want to explode with insanity and disbelief. As a fan how would you even watch that fight without spontaneously combusting?

  • hatch1921

    Well… I'm sure there are plenty of clauses in the contract to allow him to walk away at some point. That being said… I'm glad he decided to carry on with the sport. He's at a point where he has nothing to prove.

    The guy… love him or hate him… is truly amazing IMO.

    Bring on the next fight!

    • Baby Ads

      yeah its done and all of this 10 future fight, i wish he can win even 1 fight of this 10 fight.

      • falcon4917

        Patrick talking again.

        • Rory Kernaghan

          Anderson Silva vs herschel walker at UFC 3459

  • silvaisking2321

    that was the 3rd ad i watched on here today?:(

    • hatch1921

      Google Chome… Firefox….Waterfox…. download and install the AdBlock plugin… it all goes away then.

  • Baby Ads

    spongebob-joe rogan, mr. crabs- dana white, squidward- anderson silva, plankton- frank shamrock, sandy- ronda rousy, patrick star- roy nelson, bigfoot silva- as himself, mrs puff- meisha tate.unknown fish with a mustache- freddy mercury/ don frye, labster dude-ken shamerock.

    • falcon4917

      Patrick-Baby Ads

  • KeithFarrell

    A few guys I would love him to fill this contract up with – GSP, Jones, Rockhold, Shogun and perhaps a few other good guys at 205.

    • gelert456

      Rockhold isn't all that he is cracked up to be and a fight with Okami would certainly prove that. IMO

      • gelert456

        If Belfort doesn't finish him first.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    10-fight deal or not, Silva will probably just fight 3 times then retire.

    • ChrisStrickland

      yea i have a hard time believing it too. the man's a dinosaur, or at least he will be in 4 or 5 fights, especially at this two fights a year pace

      • IGMBurninPiff

        How is 37 a Dinosaur? It's old for the sport but there has been fighters to make it longer than that… Minus the chael fight (where he still look mostly unharmed after the fight) He takes minimal damage during his fights, and he doesn't do the GSP reckless training year round, especially at this stage of his career where he has many interviews stating he's been doing alot of other things. His body doesn't have near the wear and tear of most fighters his age. He hasn't looked to be slowing down performance wise. I know he isn't fighting another 10 UFC fights, but to say he's a dinosaur is ridiculous.

        • ChrisStrickland

          He's not a dinosaur, but he will be at 40. I would bet hundreds that' he'll either lose or retire by forty (4 or 5 fights). At his age, being the champion that he is, you don't make another title run, you retire.

          • IGMBurninPiff

            I'm not going to take that bet, Everyone loses at some point and as the younger new breed fighters come into the sport someone is going to figure out a way to not get hit or submitted. (Chris Weidman is scary to a Silva fan) Silva by TKO 2nd or 3rd vs Weidman but if they fight again before Silva turns 40 I might not be so confident. He will lose not because he's a dinosaur but because people are evolving as fighters just like every other sport.

          • ChrisStrickland

            I didn't quite think the dinosaur comment through.

          • HunterB

            I've spotted a rare Tysilvasaurus recently?!?!? Is this the beast you speak of?????!?!!?!??

  • Beaks

    I'm pretty sure they have zero intention of him fighting 10 more fights, maybe 1 title defense and two superfights. More than likely they don't want him to retire and turn around and fight for other organizations when he could be fighting in the UFC. Right now he can retire and if he decided to go to bellator the ufc can say no you have an contractual agreement to fight here if you come out of retirement.