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Anderson Silva Opens Up: I Lost My Focus


The shock of Anderson Silva’s loss to Chris Weidman has been well publicized. The long-time Middleweight king was steam rolled by a big left hook in round two, and suffered a seemingly huge fall from grace. Widely criticized by fans and pundits, Silva has certainly been under fire as of late.

Silva has spoken up about the loss to Mundo De Luta, expressing his side of the now infamous knockout:

“I lost my focus and made a technical mistake,” said Silva. “It was one of the things that I left – the philosophy of the martial art –and it cost me the belt. I always fought with this feeing of keeping the martial art philosophy and keeping the control of the situation – trying to be as calm as possible for me to keep the balance of the octagon, which is very hard to do.”

Silva’s ‘Loss of control’ has certainly been the subject of many debates since UFC 162, and the immediate rematch that materialized after the loss has opened plenty more avenues for speculation.

“I was so sad with myself, with my lack of control on the moment, that I said some words that weren’t nice. I said I wouldn’t fight for the title. But after I signed the contract (earlier in the year), Dana told me that he would give [me a rematch if I had lost the belt]. I was so out of myself that I didn’t think about it.”

I was more surprised than anyone when Silva said that he would not accept the rematch, especially after being so dominant in the division. It would seem that the loss may have re-ignited the fire in Silva’s camp, and he is very realistic about the loss.

The Spider needs to take Weidman more seriously next time, if only so we can see if Weidman is truly the better fighter. What I mean by that is Weidman needs to beat Silva at his best, no excuses. If he can do that then there will be no dispute about who is the better fighter.

“The criticism is valid, but I’m human,” he said. “I made a technical mistake, and it was good for me and for the people around me to learn. I had to be able to know that focus is always needed. I lost focus, and now I will get better.”

Most fans are more excited about the rematch, which stands to be the biggest UFC fight ever. I really hope both men come in at 100%. If Silva can learn from his mistakes, and it seems he has, he might be able to regain the title and lay the path for a rubber match. Only time will tell.

  • smart guy, people give him to much flack, hes only a human man. Humans feel emotions and resentment, disrespect possibly by the weidman hype train. "everyone thinks he can beat him blah blah. Id want to embarrass him too, sh&t happens. War anderson!!! Its going to be amazing to be able to hear, and NEW!!! with andersons name in it. IT would be something special for me and mma history I think

  • I am so sick of reading and hearing about the Weidman/Silva upset. Let it go already Lowkick and find something new to post about. WOW

    • I dunno, I would rather talk about AS then WOW

    • Hey, anything beats talking about baby George at this point. I feel ashamed that I even know his name. Ugh :O=

    • Then stop reading articles about it.

  • I wondered if Silva lost, how he would take it. "I made a technical mistake"?

    Sounds like some one in denial with not being able to dominate. And still buying into what his "yes" man entourage is saying. BJ Penn, all over again.

    And that is not the guy who wins the rematch.

    • Um, he did make a technical mistake. That is actually how most fights are lost. Someone makes a mistake and the opponent capitalizes. How is that being in denial?

    • Silva biggest mistake was that he tried to put on a show for the crowd, hell the card was WEAK. Where i hear a lot you dudes crying about disrespect i thought it was just entertainment that went toooooo far, thats how he got caught.


      • Whatever dude!!!!
        Silva wasnt focused???
        He has fought all his fights lime this unless he hurts his opponents and then he goes in for the kill.
        All his comments are BS. He is trying to buy your attention that HE IS BACK…
        He is selling tickets…
        Get in line everyone and get your ticket for the new AS????

      • entertainment that went toooooo far?

        It definitely ended very entertaining to me 8))

  • Exactly what was he yelling at Chris between rounds?
    Yes , you lose focus when you're KTFO with your eyes rolled back.
    "I always fought with this feeing of keeping the martial art philosophy"
    Bull siht taunting isnt martial arts philosophy.

    • Maybe not martial arts philosophy, but it is hollywood's version of MMA philosophy.

      "No no, I pretend that you hurt me to show how not hurt I am, and then you are intimidated and I"…pow!

      Anderson on the canvas – "Mr Seagal, can we do another take?"

    • Shapennie Sharp Mr. Entity. He was the best and maybe still is the best, but all this talk about Hespect and martial arts is bull,

  • Silva ruined that weekend for me with his antics. Had he taken the fight seriously enough, he would have made idiots like Chael "The TRT Godfather" Sonnen eat their feet by knocking out Weidman.

    I hope the G.O.A.T is serious this time aroun

    • around.

    • If he took that fight seriously he would have lost anyways. Let's take out all the taunting, he still dodges punches the same way.

      If you think Silva could've gotten the KO earlier in the fight, you are dead wrong. Silva even told his coaches "I'm sorry, I just couldn't hit him".

      He made a mistake and got knocked out for it. Simple as that,

      And if you think he should keep his hands up then be prepared for the take down because without his hands being so low he can't defend the takedowns as well.

      Let's see how the rematch goes.

      • well, thats what Ive been thinking as well.