The Anderson Silva that we know today is like an action hero from a sci-fi movie, with his other-worldly skill and precision and ability to produce crazy finishes. His knockout win over Vitor Belfort was a perfect example of how 'The Spider' operates. All his success may never have happened had it not been for the guidance of long time friends and training pals-The Nogueira bros. Anderson spoke with Karyn Bryant on Fuel TV's 'UFC From All Angles' to reveal the story:

"The Nogueira brothers are part of my family. I love these guys because they help me stay together with my Dream, because one day I talked to Rogerio and Rodrigo and say, 'No more fight, bro.' The time Rogerio and Rodrigo talk to me, I no have nothing. My Dream was lost. Rodrigo talked to me and said 'Hey, come to my house, I will help you. Don't worry. Come to here, train together.' "

To think that if the Nogueira Brothers hadn't convinced Silva to continue fighting, we could be looking at a whole different ball game in MMA right now. Chael Sonnen could be the Champion at MW, Fedor may have joined the UFC because Dana White wouldn't have the best P4P fighter (pre Jon Jones), Rich Franklin may have reigned a hell of a lot longer and the sport may not have grown as much as it has. Hell, Chael Sonnen may be frickin' President of the USA in that dimension!

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