Anderson Silva Looks Good Hitting The Speed Bag

Anderson Silva Looks Good Hitting The Speed Bag


Although Anderson Silva has written off 2014 and any chance of returning to the Octagon in it, he is, nonetheless, continuing his meteoric rehab.

In what continues to be a plethora a videos documenting Silva’s return to normalcy from his debilitating leg injury at UFC 168, “The Spider” has released yet another clip. In this one, fans get to see the champ casually beating the daylights out of a speed bad.

Silva appears comfortable, relaxed and looks to be demonstrating good posture. As he shifts his weight back and forth, he exhibits fluidity and shows now evidence of pain. In short, Silva seems as much pre-UFC 168 as post.

Regardless, his tremendous recovery is not evidence of his Octagon return; for as fans know, “The Spider” has no intension of rushing it and indeed, has yet to even confirm it.

Either way, it’s nice to see the former champ doing so well. It’s even better knowing that should Silva return in 2015 that he’s prepared to face his middleweight friends, Lyoto Machida and Ronaldo Souza.

Clip via Anderson Silva’s Instagram account. 

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  • WES22

    I heard that he used to do the same with his legs before he broken it. And also Steven segal taught him how to box aswell.

  • Cookie77

    With the looks of the way he punches that speed ball he is ready for a title shot…. Forget about any other aspect of fighting……lol

  • enjoylife321

    I wonder if Brians ever seen Jenna Jameson knock a ball bag around.

    • Brian Cox

      Can't say as I have, big guy. I was never a fan. I've never liked fake boobs and that fake look. Give me a natural beauty any day of the week.

      • enjoylife321

        You lost me there Brian, I was talking about Jenna Jameson in Tito's gym hitting the speed ball…lol

        • Brian Cox


  • Kris-tyahn

    Why wouldnt Silva look good hitting a speed bag?!? He shattered his leg, not his arm! I know you need to stand up & punch, but he's doing very little movement waist down, again, why wouldn't Silva look good hitting a speed bag?!? It's like riding a bike for an avg Joe, this guy has punched hundreds of punching bags/speed bag etc., and he's a PRO, therefore I wouldn't expect anything less from Silva punching a speed bag! Glad to see that he isn't rushing to fight in 2014, which would have been stupid & definitely career ending. He even said that it would be middle of 2015, let alone Dec 2014. There's stupid & there's STUPID, Dana & Anderson (Anderson at the beginning) were STUPID!

    No point in rushing & wasting a year of surgery + rehab, just to re-injure himself even worst after one fight, while he can take the proper amount of time off & then get a few fights in before he retires (on his own terms), and not b/c of stupidity!

    • Brian Cox

      Kris, I'd make the argument that breaking one's leg in the manner that Silva did, would affect the way you do everything. If out of fresh out of surgery and his first day standing, he had to hit that bad, I doubt very seriously he'd be doing it the same way. Hence, three months out he looks good hitting a speed bag. He's easily shifting his weight from side to side, which he was not doing in January.

  • Brasil

    Goat!!! We are oh so proud of our silly goat!