Anderson Silva Looks Good During A Grappling Session

Anderson Silva Looks Good During A Grappling Session


With each new video Anderson Silva releases it becomes easier to see how the former middleweight champion will soon be back in the ring.

Having gone down with a broken left shin at UFC 168 in late December, Silva has been on the mend ever since and, from what fans can tell by way of photos and videos, the legendary fighter is making tremendous rehabilitate progress.

As it stands, it’s beginning to look as if the 185 pound fighter will be able to make a 2014 comeback. If so, the question becomes whom will he face.

Many fans want to see Silva given an immediate rematch with division champion Chris Weidman. As Silva has now lost two fights in a row to the champ, with both matches having their issues – in the first Silva clowned too much and in the second he broke his leg – a re-match between the two, to many, makes a lot of sense.

However, there are a number of fans that feel that Silva should have to earn another shot at the champion and as such, he should be required to take at least one tune-up fight and sustain a win, before getting another crack at Weidman 

In considering the current middleweight landscape, there’s a possibility that both conditions might be met.

As Weidman is set to take on Lyoto Machida at UFC 173 on the 24th of May, a win by Machida could well set the stage for Weidman / Silva III. With Weidman removed from his title, Silva could come back and fight the ‘All-American’ in a title contender’s match, and as such, fulfill both conditions; a re-match with Weidman, but not an immediate title shot; everyone wins.

However, Weidman has to lose first and then, of course, there’s the issue of Vitor Belfort. Belfort is the number two ranked fighter in the division and hasn’t lost in the class since his February of 2011, UFC 126 match, with Silva. Belfort has wanted another shot at Silva since taking the loss, and a re-match bout between the two would make a lot of sense for the ‘Spider’s’ return fight. As they are ranked numbers one and two in the division and Belfort owes Silva a loss, it’s a fight the UFC could easily sell fans as a main event match.      

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    Hate him or love him A.S is the most entertaining fighter in the UFC!!!!

    • Bruce Lee

      Who could hate him? Even if you don't love him there's no denying his achievements and the wonder at watching his handiwork. Nice to see him back.

  • Brasil



    Silva coming off a broken leg vs Vitor adjusting to life after TRT sounds about right for both fighters.

    • Dabs

      One of the sharpest comments ever.

  • Dabs

    Sounds about right for the UFC too…sounds like the perfect shake up for them, Dana would definitely hope Anderson beats Vitor and there is a good chance of Weidman retaining his title although nobody can overlook Machida. The most epic trilogy in UFC history could await….