It appears that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is indeed training hard for his July 6th bout with number one contender Chris Weidman. Although some had thought the champ to be taking his hyped opponent with a grain of salt, Brazilian website Portal do Vale Tudo reports that Silva is training so intensely, he knocked out his sparring partner with a kick this week.

The two were wearing full headgear and leg guards, but apparently that’s not enough to stop the striking power of ‘The Spider’. The kick reportedly came as a counter strike when Silva’s training partner was allowed to land a few blows with Silva’s guard down.

Silva was also upset by what transpired, comforting his sparring partner before leaving practice due to the knockout. The champ’s good friend Minotauro Nogueira was close by to oversee Silva’s training, and the two legends talked the situation over after the fact according to Silva’s coach Ramon Lemos:

"He hates it when these accidents happen with training partners. So he left upset and even spoke with Minotauro Nogueira, who came here today to watch his training."

This situation could be taken as a simple training accident, or it could be a testament to how hard Silva is training to silence the critics that believe Weidman will take him out at UFC 162. And there are many of them. The champ seemed to handle the situation with class, but it seems that he’s near his peak and that’s a dangerous prospect for any fighter. Will he nail Weidman with a similar counter strike?