Anderson Silva Is Out For 2014, Hints At Retirement From MMA

Anderson Silva Is Out For 2014, Hints At Retirement From MMA


As from the man himself its official, Anderson Silva is out for 2014.

In speaking with Combate the legendary fighter has confirmed that he will not be returning to the Octagon this year.

His words:

“Those predictions that (I) will fight at UFC 181 on an upcoming event or are not true. This year is already over for me.

Beyond that, Silva also appears to be stating that his days of fighting for the UFC middleweight championship have “passed.” He made the following comment in response to a question probing him about a mid-2015 return:

“The stage of champion (for) Anderson (has) passed. Fight for it was a bit far for me.”

In consideration of his remarks, Silva dodged the question completely. By stating that he wouldn’t fight in 2014 and not responding to a question about 2015, “The Spider” might be telling his fans that it’s his intention to retire from MMA.

Further evidence of that might be in Silva’s final statement to Combate. In it, “The Spider” states that he probably won’t be fulfilling his (ten fight) contract with the UFC and that his mission “was” – past tense – to make a mark for himself (“reference”) in the sport.

As Silva remarked:

I see no stopping me, but do not know if I’ll have (the energy) to fulfill the contract of ten fights. For many years the family asks me to stop, and they need to understand that is what I love to do and I need to take my time. But my mission was to become a reference in the sport, and I’m able to do my part.

What fans might take from all of it – that is if he’s truly leaning towards retirement – is that he’s tired, banged up and feeling the pressure from his family to call it a day.

In consideration, fans shouldn’t be shocked to hear an official announcement from Silva regarding his retirement from MMA, but not fighting. Where Silva’s passion for mixed martial arts might have faded his dream of boxing hasn’t. In particular, “The Spider’s” dream of boxing Roy Jones Jr. hasn’t dissipated in the least. Indeed, it seems to have only become larger. Resultantly, fans might well see Silva serve out the remainder of his UFC contract in a boxing ring.

If all true, it was a great run and ride, and he was a great champion. His presence in the Octagon will be missed, but always remembered. 

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  • MagicMMA

    He'll certainly be missed, especially with GSP gone as well

  • Attack attack

    I think he will comeback his just calming the attention of him coming back. I BACK

  • Ivy

    No back?

    • Entity

      He backing out of being back.

      • JackPorch53

        He ducking Vitor bro

      • Brian Cox

        Stewie, thanks for the video link. Interesting stuff, buddy. Cheers.

  • Attack attack

    Yes I back if machida is loss I back really back and us my last fight this big payday!

    • master-pogi60


  • IGMBurninPiff

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Anderson you must never hang up your gloves!!!!! No I really hope he doesn't retire I'd hate to see his last fight be what it was. If he needs to hang them up go ahead GOAT and do as you desire. Easily the greatest to ever do it. There will be a void in the UFC for me without him. He is easily my favorite fighter of all time. Most of the reason I ever got into MMA as I did. I wish the best in everything after fighting, just sucks to see him go.

  • TheXperience

    What i take from this, is that Anderson is being Anderson…. look out for him on the Big December New Years card putting someone to sleep in signature Silva fashion….

  • enjoylife321

    I'm not expecting anything big from a 40 year old with a badlty broken leg who got dominated by Chael in the first fight and monstored by weidman

    • IGMBurninPiff


    • Dabs

      The guy clearly stated he was tired of fighting for the belt BEFORE the first Weidman fight. I believe he beat himself in both the Weidman fights. Offered his chin with a plate and salad in the first and then broke his own leg with an amateur Thai kick. I believe Anderson is so calculated he may have actually intended for both fights to end that way as I believe he did with the first Sonnen fight.

      Wear a GI and then sub him in the 5th with a triangle after spending the whole fight on his back. The broken rib may have been a lie…or maybe not? He threw some weird kicks in that fight that were either because he was injured or just mucking about because no pro throws kicks that stupid.

      People need to understand that Anderson is a jedi knight from a different world. You can't look at him as a normal human, you need to think outside of the box. The guy has plenty of chi/God energy.

      Weidman will be taken out of the game soon. He's special but not in the same league as the Spider.

      • apocalypse123

        Jedi knight from a different world that intended to get himself knocked out and break his own leg in the most gruesome and painful way possible? Have you been hanging with the Diaz bros?

  • Attack attack

    Look Chris is champion now I hespect!

  • gm1

    All this talk he has been in the gym doing BJJ..he is making a speedy recovery…

    All talk and nothing factual…its great to see him out doing his thing but once you break something like what he experienced, forget it… your done…

  • UnderdogGreatness

    There is nothing else to prove to anyone, champ, you've done it all. The UFC should name its belts after you.

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Atleast, an, award