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Anderson Silva Would Retire Before Facing Machida or Jacare


Anderson Silva is truly one of a kind, as a fighter he is able to perform amazingly accurate and powerful techniques. He breaks his opponents down, and then finishes with clinical precision. Until UFC 162, most MMA fans thought that he was unbeatable. Turns out, he is human.

Silva has often referred to respect in the past, as a reason for putting on a snoozefest against Demian Maia, as a reason for fighting fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort and now as a reason to never fight another Brazilian.

Check out what he had to say at Monday’s Q&A in Brazil, via Bleacherreport:

“I’m a man with honor. I’d never fight Jacare or Lyoto,” Silva said. “I’d even stop fighting just not to fight them. Jacare is a guy that has been doing a great job and can earn a title shot, Lyoto is a close friend, a great athlete, and we train together, just like Jacare.”

Friendship between fighters in MMA is an oft debated matter, my opinion is that friends or enemies; it’s sport. It shouldn’t get in the way, but Silva feels differently, and that’s his choice. Many fighters in the past have gone along the same route: Rashad Evans and Jon Jones swore to never fight, but we know how that turned out.

Daniel Cormier is dropping to the 205lb. division to avoid fighting UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, because the two are teammates at AKA. I never force my opinion, and I’m not annoyed when fighters won’t scrap when friends, but would it be weird for a guy to sacrifice his title for the good of friendship?

Again, Anderson Silva would be more than willing to do so:

“If we get to a point where we’d have to fight, I’d even give up the title.”

Brazil holds it’s fighters with the utmost regard; it’s about honor and respect for them. Silva is a superstar in Brazil not only for his fighting, but for his humility and respect outside the cage. He may come across to many as brash, but there is clearly an underlying element of honor with The Spider.

That being said, how crazy will it be if Silva beats Weidman and retires rather than fighting a team mate?

  • This, whole…I won't fight my buddy stuff, has to go. A signed fighter should expect to fight anyone in his division and regardless of exception and most particularly if they're the champ. More over, the UFC wouldn't match the two unless it was for a title shot or belt and sorry man, friendship should be no barrier to the fight.

    Further, Souza has already said he'd fight Silva, so there appear to be no issues on Jacare's behalf.

    As to honor, for me, to walk away from the fight over friendship shows dishonor to the sport, the brand, the fans and the purpose of why we're all here, which is to establish who the best fighters are; not who the best friends are.

    If a fighter isn't down for that, then maybe they shouldn't bother showing up. A fight is a fight and its not personal, that's been demonstrated time and time, again.

    Further still, it flies in the face of logic. If two fighters who can't stand one another can beat the tar out of one another in a bout and at the end of it, embrace, shake hands, congratulate one another and all that stuff, how is it that two friends can't do the same?

    It makes no sense to me. One would think it would be great for two friends to tie it on in a significant fight and hammer it out. Why not? They are fighters, after all.

    As far as giving up the title goes, I believe he's already given it up.

    • Looks like Anderson won't be seeing out his 9 fight contract.

    • Watch the Evan Tanner documentary, Evan was seriously emotionally troubled when he won because he knew he was taking food of his opponents table, and ruining their careers.

    • Should be a contract stipulation. You will FIGHT who we deem neccessary or get your walking papers. Even Prima Donna Silva the showboat stanky leg.

      • You forget that Silva is offering to walk so there's no problem here.

    • Watch the Evan Tanner documentary, Evan was seriously emotionally troubled when he won because he knew he was taking food of his opponents table, and being the guy to send his career down the toilet, especially if you do that to a close friend.

      • which fight are you referring to David?

      • I understand David, but Tanner also said he never fought to be champ, he fought to get well known so that masses would listen to what he preaches so to speak. Guess you have to make a choice in life. Be the king or sacrifice yourself and well being for the better of others. I think if you are that soft emotionally, you shouldn't feel right hurting someone in the first place.

        • My point Entity is that some fighters cant handle the guilt of being the guy that hurt your friends career, then to seem him everyday struggle with money, his family, losing sponsors, getting cut. Not saying all that would happen to high level guys, but it could. I dont think its fair at all for some people to say that Silva is scared, and that is his true motives.

      • He's not the only fighter to feel that way. Friends can say no problem you go on and be champ and the other says no you and they come to an agreement to quit if it comes to that and thats their choice to walk whenever they want. Most in that scenario will just have one guy move weight classes so who cares. Lyoto also fought at 205 by choice for a long time so it's not just Silva and they probably agreed to allow for Lyoto to take on the 185 strap if Silva lost.

    • @Brian…Most fighters who are driving a rusty old car to the gym and parking next to a Ferrari are thinking "fuk that, I'll fight anyone. Its easy for Anderson to say he won't fight guys when he has made his millions. If these fights were offered before he was a millionaire and before he held any titles I think he would have a more hungry appetite to fight anyone.

    • I think it's up to the fighters really. They can quit, move divisions or fight each other. You can't simply take away their choice because it's theirs and if they are willing to vacate the title to keep a moral victory it's their decision. can anyone get mad at a fighter because he has different priorities than us. Silva never came across as a fighter that is obsessed with fighting anyway. If he never wants to fight a friend he never has to unless his morals change and they are his morals. I made a pact with my brother and my best friend to never fight each other, we know we would be friends after anyway, we weren't afraid we would end up enemies, it just makes them of higher respect between you and them. I would never want to fight my dad either. I am sure most of us would not fight our mothers or sisters either, even if it was okay with them as morally it would not suit you even though you know it would not change your love for each other it's just another level of moral respect that you share with a few.

  • The champ is back.

    • We'll see UDG….yeessss we'll see. 8))

  • The translation as follows: "I’m a man with honor (I mean well in saying…). I’d never fight Jacare or Lyoto (…and risk losing against either of them)" Silva said. "I’d even stop fighting just not to fight them (….and risk losing against either of them). Jacare is a guy that has been doing a great job and can earn a title shot (…and would probably kick my azz), Lyoto is a close friend, a great athlete, and we train together, just like Jacare (…and he too, would probably kick my azz)."

    • Your truly,
      Anderson "I listen to Michael Jackson music" Silva

      • Guess you missed his Justin Beiber performance, all dressed like Beiber and dancing while lip syncing on TV……was embarrassing to see.

    • Ivy that is an idiotic comment, the guy that fought plenty of people bigger than himself, knockout artist, etc, and fought in Vale Tudo is scared, and is saying this as a smoke screen, use some common sense.

      • If he is truly a fighter he'd step up and take the fight, friend of foe. You're not going into the cage to kill anyone, it's just a sport. You're going in there against your friend in competition. Anderson knows this, but I think he's afraid of losses. Anderson has been given a lot of cans to fight in the past, let's face it.

  • Fcuk Cupid and this Bromance sh!t.

    • Just the word "bromance" makes me nauseous. I think I just verped in my mouth. UGHHHHH.

    • If you want to fight whomever by all means get in the cage and decide for yourself what you want to do. He decided something for himself and he can quit if he wants anytime without Danas permission. Why don't you work real hard and get in there and be the guy you talk about. I want to see them fight too but it's his choice and I can respect that if he says he'll quit if he has to fight his friends. Bunch of wawawa's on here want someone else to do what they would do if the could but can't, bust some reps and get in there yourself and make those decisions and show us how it's done in your view and then you'll grant your own wish for how fighters should be.

  • I still think alot of certain teammates not wanting to fight goes to the fact that the sport pays based on winning and things like that. Beating your friend is part of the sport but now you've potentially cost them future money, especially if you go out there and show some kind of hole in their game you've learned from training with them for so long. Not the best reason, I still think they should fight. The way the UFC is run with money and how fast they cut people and such I could see you not wanting to contribute to something negative in a friends career. Potentially injure them while trying to finish and now they're sidelined for better than a year with no money coming in for their family. It's a more personal issue.