UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva came out on Monday and said that he doesn’t think he can defeat Jon Jones. Whether that’s true or not, Silva was interviewed on last night's edition of “UFC Tonight,” and he didn’t seem adverse to the idea of a super fight against Jones. His words:

“My opinion is this: I'll fight Jon Jones, all the guys from my class, all the guys that work in the UFC – all the fighters. I respect all the fighters. I respect Jon Jones. I respect Chris Weidman, but I'm here for working. I'm not scared of Jon Jones, of Chris Weidman or whoever. I'm here to fight. That's it. It's simple.”

So regardless of whether he believes he can win or not, he will take the fight because that’s all he wants to do. This interview appears to have quite a contrast to Silva’s words from earlier this week, which many fans deemed as simple mind games by Silva.

And those fans may have a point, because it’s kind of contradictory to come out and say you can’t beat a guy then the next day state that you’re not scared of him and will fight anybody. The details just don’t add up.

Regardless, a Silva vs. Jones super fight is no doubt the holy grail of current MMA, and a fight that Dana White will be absolutely clamoring to make should Silva get by Chris Weidman on Saturday night. While that’s far from a guarantee, it appears Silva is willing to take on the tall task of facing the younger and larger champion in Jones.

Here’s to hoping that the fight is made so all the speculation can come to an end and fans are treated to the biggest fight in the history of the UFC.