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Anderson Silva: I’m focused on learning English, not Chris Weidman


Longtime UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is set to face off against a challenger that many think has the best chance to dethrone him in Chris Weidman. The two will square off at UFC 162 on July 6th, marking Silva’s first title defense in a year, last besting Chael Sonnen with a second round TKO at UFC 148.

The undefeated Weidman brings a wealth of skill into the Octagon, having an NCAA wrestling pedigree and a submission game that has reportedly evolved at borderline obscene levels. However, Weidman also comes into the bout off of shoulder surgery and a long layoff as well. His last fight was a short one, as he defeated Mark Munoz impressively in July of 2012. There are questions to be answered for both fighters.

But none of that seems to really matter for Anderson Silva, who’s been busy lately opening up his Muay Thai College in Torrance, CA. He’s also been working on improving his English skills, something that is apparently paramount to any preparation for Chris Weidman. Silva recently spoke to Tatame about his priorities:

“My challenge now is English. With the opponent, I’ll worry about the weather. As I am away from preparation, it is giving me time to the classes, but it is a challenge. My teachers are getting heavy. It is important to learn English to inspire people who come from the same place as me. English will serve the rest of my life because I live in Los Angeles. My children speak English and I suffer with it.”

It might seem that Silva is overlooking Weidman in a big way, choosing to focus on learning English rather than preparing for the bout. If there’s been a knock on Silva, it’s that he doesn’t take some of his opponents seriously, and has been known to clown around while in the cage. Doing that against Weidman could lead to some dire consequences.

Is Anderson Silva looking past Chris Weidman? The only man to truly test Silva was of course Chael Sonnen; so top quality wrestlers can potentially give him fits. Weidman may not be quite the MMA wrestler Sonnen is, but he makes up for that with much, much better submission skills and improving striking. To me, both fighters absolutely have their work cut out for them. Is Chris Weidman the man to knock Anderson Silva off of his lofty perch?

  • Chael was right he doesn't live in Brazil…
    I think someone going to lose the belt.

    • hahaha… yeah so that in the interview he dont need an interpreter, he can explain to his fans why he lost this fight.

      • “My challenge now is English. With the opponent, I’ll worry about the weather."

        Lol comedian.Chael was totally right about everything he said, now maybe people supporting anyone who fights against silva can learn how to explain why those people always lose the fight. "He's too big/small and they were too old/young

  • I heard Weidman is learning Portuguese.

  • “ENGLISH” the next middleweight champion

  • The Champ is doing his thing as always.

    • Yep, I'm still amazed at how many people take Anderson Silva's comments seriously. He's just messing with everyone hear saying things like this

  • Stephan Bonnar said to DW about AS " He lives in the Matrix" 🙂 so unless CW gets plugged in soon he is in for a surprise. If AS is injured as he was in the 1st Shael fight then he has a chance if AS is close to 100% then he should prepare by watching tape on Neo lol CW does have unorthodox striking and speed but that may play into AS strength which is counter striking and a forcefield chin.

  • "As I am away from preparation" He is saying he is not currently in camp right now and is living life outside mma right now. He is not GSP who eats,sleeps, breathes training and weight management. When it draws closer he will discuss these things. We need to give it a few weeks. People draw way too many conclusions in english from a guy who speaks portugese.

    • Ultimately, I just think he is not worried about Chris which does not mean he won't take the fight seriously. I sure hope he does as Chael was one fighter I think he underestimated going into the fight injured.

  • He will start his camp in may 3 months b4 the fight like always.

  • ''Doing that against Weidman could lead to some dire consequences.''

    everytime i think of CW, i remember the boring fight with maia.
    They try to make it look like its 50/50 ,but once again its gonna be an easy win for the spider

    • That's interesting because many people remember the boring fight with Maia when they think of Silva

      • Lots of people i've met in real life think the 1st three rounds are hilarious

  • Anderson is in for a rude awakening if he doesn't take Chris seriously. I'm picking Weidman in, what will be, a massive upset.

    Anderson would be well served to switch his focus from learning English, to learning about the English speaking fighter he'll be facing in July.

    • 🙂 Happy Easter Sunday! 🙂

      • @ UDG

        Thank you very much UDG, very nice of you to say. A very happy Easter Sunday to you and your family, as well. 🙂

  • Ask him in may what he is focused on! He is a professional and will be ready come may!

  • And 3 months after that on fight we will see!

  • A good classic misdirection. We all know the Spider is physically gifted but lately, he's been working on his mental game along with his English.

    Thanks Uncle Chael!

  • Anderson Silva trash talking will make this fight a lot more interesting.

  • Anderson Silva looking for a verbal submission of Chris Weidman

  • the main problem i think for Weidman is ring rust. if he wasnt coming off surgery and if this is true about andersons mind set.. we could have been in for a upset. but we're not…

  • @Mike Drahota

    Not to sound pedantic in any way bu as a professional of this website and if you want to pursue a career as a sort od reporteer in MMA, you shouldn't use google translator to translate your interviews for you…

    For thous of you that want to know, this interview posted here is badly translated and taken out of contest. AS was asked a few questions by TATAME following is recent signing of a new sponsor. That sponsor is "Wizard" which is teaches courses on how to speak english giving a language certificate. AS will be part os a "reality show" on how to speak english and hes promoting that on TV, going to various Brazilian shows and talking about that "opponent" in is life which is learning the language. As you may know, learning a new language isnt easy, specially when you dont have a classical academic education as many os us have, therefore enabling them to learn one or more new languages more easily.

    So, what he really said, correctly translated and in the right context which was the promotion of the Wizard Sponsor was: "My training is now focused on learning english and I will focus myself on Weidman when the time comes and my preparation for the fight starts".

    Im sure he will be focused on Weidman since losing the belt with put a alt on his plans of doing superfights. They have brought back Munoz to prepare for that fight even but the interview was bout AS life out of MMA, mainly this obstacle in is life which has been learning how to speak english properly and how will that affect is life in the future (he went on saying that the fact he hasn't learned it before didn't enable him to sign some hollywood movies for instance) since he know resides in LA and his children are learning english in school. The interview also talks about the signing with a new contract in the UFC an other stuff – it wasn't a interview about his training and or preparation for the fight…

    I know you probably didn't had the intention of portraying Silva like hes looking past Wiedman but have in mind that by not properly understanding Portuguese you shouldnt google translate a interview on the language since it will make you look biased… just my advice and hope you dont take offense!

    • Thanks Drago. You almost put a lid to the meaningless blah blah on this page.

      • NP man! I used to write a lot on lowkick, back in the time were you could create your own threads/news – think it was a great feature the site now lacks… Back then one of the things I did was posting some news that I read on magazines, newspappers and websites os other countries mainly Brasil since im fortunate enough to spike a few languages. One of thous magazines was TATAME which turned into a mainstream site and grew a lot with the UFC going to Brasil!

        Nowadays I follow lowkick and all the other MMA sites but I still like this one the most, maybe due to nostalgia of the threads I used to make here and the posts from many a poster that I enjoy reading! As in many MMA blogs and sites, theres still many mistakes here and wrong info and news and a great part of it is and has always been, Anderson Silva and other fighters who are incorrectly quoted and translated. Unfortunately thous posts many a time turn into a side conversation, of topic discussion or just some bashing of said fighter and I dont feel like posting something to correct (when I feel its the case) or share a different point of view. On this case thou, and since AS sometimes seems to be hated by many for reasons unknown to me since I appreciate fighters for what they do in the ring, I decided to post the correct translation of the interview and explain what it was all about so people could put it into context!

        PS – BTW, hope my posts dont sound pedantic or arrogant in any way, english isnt my "main" language so excuse me if I do, it isnt my intention in any way!

  • If you read the article, you'll notice I merely pose question of if Silva is looking past Chris Weidman. I understand that Portugese does not always translate well into English. But I did not use Google translate. What would be your best recommendation for translating Portugese?

  • I have read the article, in fact I always read everything carefully before posting/writing anything. Perhaps you were mislead by the translation as I said but clearly what you wrote implies that Silva is looking past his opponent, at least by the tone of it – to me it did and thats why I went and got to read the full interview.

    Translation is a tricky thing to do, thats why we have professionals doing that. Take Ed Soares for instance, he does a translation accordingly to what he thinks its best and many times he says stuff that isnt even close to what the fighter is truly saying, ive seen him do that with Silva, Machida and many other fighters he represents. He does that for two reasons (in my opinion), one its because he wants to please the fans and sometimes he goes with what they want to ear or what he perceives its best; and the second reason its because he isnt a professional translator (although there wasn't a time the UFC hired a professional – or so they said – who was bloody awful).

    The solution isnt any software because the isnt any coding capable to interpret words that have more than one meaning (at least yet). Take this example in your quote:

    "Meu desafio agora é o inglês. Com o adversário, eu vou me preocupar com o tempo”

    The error here is with the word "tempo" which can have more than one meaning, one being weather and the other time. So what Silva said was more like: "My "chalenge" right now is (learning) english. I will worry about my opponent (Weidman) in due time."

    As you can see hees just putting things in a perspective accordingly with a "timeline" or timeframe. If I were you, I wouldn't translate any interview in a language you dont master, at least I would ask help from someone that does else you may end up with a incorrect translation and therefore get the information all wrong!