Anderson Silva Doing A Lite Spar

Anderson Silva Doing A Lite Spar


As fans are aware, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva won’t be back in the ring in 2014. After sustaining a serious leg break at UFC 168 and making tremendous progress in his rehabilitation, “The Spider” has stated that he has personal business to attend to for the remainder of the year, and that further, he does not wish to rush his return to the Octagon. As such, Silva is not expected to be back in the UFC until sometime in 2015; hopefully.

Either way, the wizard of 185 keeps sending out a strong message via his Instagram account that he’s not given up on his MMA career, and is not yet prepared to retire.

From the view of him in his latest video Silva looks to be healing fast. He is easily placing weight on his injured left leg, and although moving gingerly, “The Spider” appears comfortable and confident in his footwork, and even manages to switch stances (right to left).

All in all, it’s encouraging stuff from the Brazilian legend and remarkable, given that he’s only three months removed from his injury. In considering the speed of his recovery, fans can’t help but wish that the torn ligaments of fighters like Georges St. Pierre, Carlos Condit and Dominick Cruz could heal as fast as Silva’s broken leg.

Here’s Silva in spar.

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  • PukeVomit

    wow… that was intense!

  • combsdaddy69

    Doesn't sparring involve punching. This is video of lite standing.

  • odesahitman

    Sensitivity sparring… simply getting the feel, playing with distance, checking ones own ryrthym etc… nothing wrong with this… also bear in mind that this was not the entire session

  • DeadlyIntentions93

    I guess there's a lite version and light.

  • clownshoes

    This is pretty annoying seeing every tiny little "feat" that Anderson performs. It's not that crazy that he's able to walk. Look everyone, he's walking and he's hitting a speed bag. Look, he's on top of someone who isn't even trying to roll with him. This isn't inspirational.