December 28th and UFC 168 seem like eons ago, but it’s only a mere 40 days past. On the night and at the event, legendary MMA fighter Anderson Silva took a nasty fracture to his left leg and with it, many thought Silva’s career over.

However, the wizard of 185 has let it be known that he wants to come back to fighting (boxing & MMA) and more importantly, he wants to do it as quickly as he can. As such, the former middleweight champion has been working diligently on his post-surgery rehab. Armed with a new titanium rod in his leg and the best medical attention money can buy, Silva looks to be well down the road to his ring / Octagon come back.

As proof of such, this afternoon Silva released a video of him defeating a flight of stairs. Although he comes down the stairs in a stop-start manner, taking each step one and a time and with both feet on a stair before he takes another, it is nonetheless, remarkable.

‘The Spider’ looks and moves no differently than someone might, had they sustained a bad sprain or deep muscle bruise. He’s easily under his own power and descends the stairs without even using the banister. Again, it’s remarkable when we think of what he looked like 40 days ago.

In considering his progress, it’s not inconceivable that Silva will, as UFC President Dana White said a week or so ago, be back and fighting before the end of the year.

If this proves to be the case and the (then) 39 year old fighter wants to come back, and that he’s healthy enough to do it, then truly it would be glorious. Love the man or hate him, Silva must be respected for his talent and charismatic fighting style, and if respected then appreciated. For as great as he is, no fighter wants to go out as Silva did.

He is the greatest stand-up fighter the UFC has ever seen and weather he goes out as champion or ranked challenger matters not. What does matter is that Silva has an opportunity, if he wants it, to end his career with a more fitting and suitable highlight-reel moment, than that which he now has.

The question for Silva in terms of coming back will be what does he want?

Will Silva come back in search of his title or simply fights? More particularly, will he come back to the Octagon at all?

Silva has stated his intentions to return to the ring, but that’s in regard to boxing Roy Jones. Regarding his return to MMA, Silva has been more qualified in his answer regarding his Octagon declarations, stating “it’s not only up to me.”

No matter what the champ elects to do, fans are sure to be glad to see him up, mobile and starting to look like his old self. Again, it’s remarkable given his condition just 40 days ago.