This weekend, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva appeared on Brazilian TV show "Ao Vivo" to discuss his UFC 162 loss to Chris Weidman and the upcoming rematch at UFC 168. When the inevitable talk of the fight being fixed was brought up, The Spider got very emotional to the point of tears.

His reply, roughly translated from Portugese:

"I get a little upset because when I go to fight I get to represent my country. Represent all Brazilians outside of Brazil and inside Brazil. This upset me a lot, people think I sold the fight. I always said that this is a title Brazilian independent being with me or another Brazilian. I always say I do not like to fight because Brazil is a world title if another Brazilian to win this title I'll keep rooting for this title continues in Brazil."

The crowd immediatley rose to support their countryman and champion, chanting Silva's name after the host comforted him with a hug.

It would appear that this evidence, coupled with the fact that recent talk has Silva re-motivated to fight for the title, would suggest that Silva is eager to prove his detractors wrong. The whole topic of the bout being fixed is a bit silly and overblown in my eyes, but it's a heated topic that seems to be sticking around.

What do you make of Silva's reaction?