Alvarez Asks For Contract Speculation To Stop

Alvarez Asks For Contract Speculation To Stop


As we all know, Eddie Alvarez has recently re-signed with Bellator MMA and under terms, which have not been disclosed.

In re-signing with the promotion, Alvarez has put-to-bed a year long contractual dispute with Bellator’s owner Viacom and one that has seen his career sidelined, since October of last year.

However, as the particulars of Alvarez’s new contract have been withheld by it signatories, speculation as to the nuts-and-bolts of it have been cause for online discussion.

So much so, that Eddie Alvarez has, in a prepared statement, asked for the speculation to stop.

At the heart of the issue seems to be a report by “Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online”, which mused that Alvarez’s contract was a two fight deal and one that would guarantee his un-restricted free-agency, and regardless of wins or losses.

To the point, that if Alvarez were to lose to Michael Chandler this November 2nd in their re-match for the Bellator lightweight title, that Eddie would be cut loose and freed to sign with the UFC. Conversely, if he won, he would be obligated to fight Chandler in a trilogy bout for the belt (again) and in either case, that of a win or a loss, Eddie would then be free to exit the Jr. Promotion and sign with the UFC.

Of course, nested within that scenario is the possibility that Alvarez could win both fights and in doing so, exit Bellator MMA with their belt. Subsequent to that and given the length of the contract (reportedly 40 pages), speculation has been that Bellator would have offered Eddie a contract that would have been longer than 2 fights.

However, the problem with that argument would be this, even if Viacom has signed Alvarez to a 4 or 6 fight deal, there would still be no guarantee that he would not continue to win and in doing so, retain the belt and still walk out the door with Bellator’s lightweight strap.

When considering all the facts, the only thing that we really know or should care about, is that Eddie Alvarez is fighting again and that’s he’s got a great championship match coming up this Fall against Michael Chandler, and it’s one that’s a much anticipated re-match.  

As to his coming to the UFC, I’m sure it’ll happen; it just won’t be this year and as such, that constitutes all of my own speculation on the matter.

Eddie Alvarez’s full statement is below, in full:

“Recently there has been speculation in the media regarding my settlement with Bellator. The settlement is involved and complicated and contains many contingencies.

The terms of the settlement are confidential and neither I, nor my representatives, are going to release these terms to anyone. The speculations, which have been printed, are just that, speculations, and could not possibly be completely accurate as the settlement is over forty (40) pages long.

I would suggest that these speculations are helping no one, and respectfully request that they cease immediately. All I want to do is fight.”

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  • matt1926

    Okay yeah sure Eddie. We will stop talking about it immediately.

  • N.C.

    There was a period, all people cared about was what they did as an athlete.

    Sadly, sports is going the route of movie and music celebs. Suddenly, people are getting into their personal lives and stuff.

    I'd love to see how people feel when they get a new job and theres speculation on their friends facebook feeds about how much they're making and what they're getting in their new jobs.