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Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir Added To UFC 167 Super Card


Frank Mir suffered his third loss in a row at UFC 164, dropping a first round TKO to Josh Barnett in their co-main scrap. Although the loss had it’s controversy, it seemed decisive enough that many fans thought it may be Mir’s last outing. Rest assured, it won’t be.

Mir has been slated to fight Alistair Overeem at UFC 167, a card which is rapidly becoming stacked with some of the biggest names in the sport. Overeem is also coming off a loss, after being unable to finish Travis Browne in the early goings at UFN 26, Reem ate a huge front kick and went to la la land shortly after.

The loser of this bout will surely get their walking papers, honestly I’m surprised that Mir is getting another shot. I think the fact that he holds the most finishes/submissions in UFC Heavyweight history has helped him. That record won’t be there forever though, and he badly needs a win to stay employed by the UFC.

Overeem has had an equally rocky road as of late, being knocked out cold in two fights in a row is not going to do you much good. If I’m being honest, Mir doesn’t seem to stand much of a chance against Overeem. Barnett’s clumsy haymakers against the cage will seem like a walk in the park compared to Overeem’s horsemeat fists.

Mir will certainly need to get this fight grounded if he wants any chance of winning, and Overeem will need to stay away from the mat if he wants to stay employed. Since testing positive for He-Man rage DNA PED’s, and having Frank Mir take his title shot against Junior Dos Santos, Ubereem really hasn’t been the same.

His lacklustre performance against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva was a far cry from the Overeem that beat the belly off of Brock Lesnar. Its funny how the MMA game can pass fighters by, funny but also sad sometimes. Anyway, this is how the UFC 167 card is lining up so far:

Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks for the Welterweight championship

Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen

Frank Mir vs. Alistair Overeem

Rory MacDonald vs. Robbie Lawler

Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley

The event, which will celebrate 20 years of the UFC (*I’m getting old), is looking like a super stacked card so far. This might just be the best year of MMA in recent memory

  • is the author a child?

    • probably

      • lol Rory is Reem's failed test an ongoing joke for what he tested positive for, I love it.

        • i'm running low on materials though Dave, you might need to help me out

    • Fight should be on the under card, all those losses in a row, Matt Brown has 6 wins in a row, and he cant get off the prelims.

      • Matt Brown should be on the main card, you are right.

        • Its a disgrace that Matt Brown continues to get overlooked underpaid, underappreciated

  • Reem via viscous KO and probably Mir's last fight!?

    • Neither has a great chin. Mir thinks his stand up is better than it is. That will be his undoing. This is the fight where he needs to take a page from GSP or Bendo's book and go to the ground.

      • "Mir thinks his stand up is better than it is."

        To be fair, so does Overeem, and it's the reason for his last two losses.

        • I think Overeem's stand up is formidable.
          His chin and cardio are not.

  • Well that was a quick matchup made.Seems UFC is ready to cut one of them now.Always liked Mir.Overeem had his moments outside of UFC.But oh crap if Mir gets clinched or against the cage with Reem…Pulling for Frank though.

    • dammit. i wanted first comment…BATTLE OF THE HAS BEENS. Reem will easily KO Mir…well, then again, Reem has no chin either, but we know Francis cannot take it to the ground unless he gets knocked down and the opponent follows.

  • Someone is seriously packing their bags after this fight !

  • Mir = no chin Alistair = no chin. Winner gets chaels mcdonalds happy meal toy he stole from Nogueira!

  • This ***** for Mir. I wish he would retire. Too many wars at this point.

  • Battle of the big-mouthed, dim-witted HW losers…..Mir and Reem.

  • This match could land on the prelims.

  • They should call these fights what they are.

    " Overeem vs Mir: Loser leaves UFC match – Two legendary UFC HW's will fight one on one to see who deserves to remain in UFC's heavyweight division. Expect an explosive fight as one will remain and another will lose his right to compete in the Octagon!

    One will win and one will bid fair well to the UFC in one last epic showdown"

    It's a ********easy sell, everybody knows the loser is gonna get fired with their losing streaks. Why not just say it?

  • i have to disagree with everyone on this one. Mir and Overeem are 2 huge draw. whatever the issue of the fight, i think they should stay. At least, i will still be interested to see them fight.
    And yes mir drop 3 but to
    1 -dos santos: the champ
    2 – cormier who is perceive to be top 3-4 in the HW
    3- barnett . one of all time great
    and to be honest, overeem is not a piece of cake. yeah he got it hard recently, but he got all the tools to Annihilate anyone.

    I mean, yeah he lost some fights. The cormier one was boring and mir need to find a way to defend while being pushed against the cage but…. cut the man some slack. he fight constantly top 5 guys.

    Give him mitrione, hunt, rothwell, schaub, struve, vera verdum before speaking of cutting him !
    its not about how many you drop but more who step on your corpse that should make you cut.

  • Pretty sick card. Looking forward to all those fights. Especially if koscheck gets KOd