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Alistair Overeem: I stepped into Dana White’s office and took responsibility


Former Strikeforce and DREAM Heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem has been in the news almost non-stop for the past year, and very little of it has been good news. Besides his systematic dismantling of Brock Lesnar at UFC 141, the brunt of talk surrounding Overeem has been about his failed UFC 146 drug test and the subsequent attempts to get back into the good graces of the UFC and the NSAC.

Suspended for nine months due to elevated Testosterone levels, Overeem has used his off time to run his mouth a la Chael Sonnen, insinuating that champion Junior dos Santos is afraid to fight him. Apparently it has worked, as JDS has since appeared motivated to fight Overeem. However, the champ thinks Overeem does not deserve it quite yet, and both fighters have other opponents to get past first. Still, it took a lot for Overeem to get back even to that point, something he detailed recently to MMAMania:

“I never really dealt with Dana. Just hello and goodbye, we never really spoke really. Of course there’s a respect from my side and his side, a mutual respect but when this happened, the show has to go on. The show didn’t go on and I took responsibility for it but we didn’t speak. I was in Vegas, I was in a meeting at the UFC headquarters and I actually took the time to wait for him to finish with his business. I stepped into his office and took responsibility and I said it was my fault. I think for him hearing that directly out of my mouth and by looking each other in the eyes that was good, good for the relationship. Immediately after I noticed a difference in his tone so I think that was the right thing to do.”  

Dana White has often expressed his disdain at Overeem’s handling of the situation, because he believed he was lied to by Overeem’s assurance that he was a clean fighter. Rest assured that he will be more highly tested than most, if not all, MMA fighters upon his return. Slated to face Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 156 in February, it appears that Overeem’s acceptance and apology has brought him back into White’s favor. Perhaps the huge pay-per-view numbers Overeem could potentially garnish has something to do with the situation. Regardless, “The Demolition Man” is set to return soon, and if he stays clean, he could make some major waves at Heavyweight within the next year. Once the fight is over, be sure to check out the Overeem vs. Silva fight video highlights, right here to find out if it’s a successful return for ‘reem.

  • Glad Overeem and Dana can be friends again but why does the UFC hate Bigfoot so much? They give him to Velasques who's a bigger version of Cormier who just finished destroying him and now they give him to Overeem who's got excellent takedown defence and is the best striker of the three?

    • I don't think The UFC brass hate Bigfoot and I don't think they are feeding him difficult fights. The sad reality of it is, is that there are precious few easy fights in the The UFC HW division. Including Bigfoot, himself.

    • Bigfoot asked for this fight.

      • Well that was foolish on his part (but makes sense then). And that's my point tho, Bigfoot is a tough opponent for anyone to fight except the top few in the world so why not give him the Nelson/Struve/Kongo caliber of fighter until he puts a winning streak together. Or match him and Big Nog up together, I'd love to see them in a grappling match, a bit reminiscent of the old days with the size discrepancy. He beat Browne which was an appropriate matchup but that was really a TKO due to an injury so at least in my opinion we never really saw how he matched up against him. Bigfoot can put some challenges Overeem's way which I expect him to pass with flying colors so just as long as the UFC doesn't cut Silva if he gets run over.

        • Yeah, I'd agree with that statement. I fully expect Overeem to win and probably in a decisive fashion; round one. With that said, he should not, under any conditions be cut. If you take a look at his last four fights (Fedor, Cormier, Cain, Travis Browne) and now Overeem, it's like trying to fight your way through a s##t storm of the best of MMA heavy weights. He should be cut some slack. A good fight for him after this, should he lose, might be loser of Nelson / Mitrione.

  • For a MOMENT I thought the headline read "Alistair Overeem: I stepped into Dana White's office and took a DRUG TEST." OMG, I was so disappointed when I clicked on the link! I was SO pumped! Get it? Pumped? OMG. How on Earth is this guy going to beat the Las Vegas Athletic Commission's drug tests? Good luck with that.

  • First, I don't think he was running his mouth. He's doing what confident fighters do or rather should do, which is tell you that can beat this one and that one in their division. Particularly when speaking of The Champ. I also don't recall Overeem insinuating that JDS was afraid of him. He came right out and stated it.

    Does Overeem deserve JDS? I think so. I'm happy to see him fight Bigfoot, but I would have had no problem with AO getting the winner of JDS / Cain, right out of the gate. I personally don't see what's changed between his crushing of animal rights activists Brock Lesnar and today. He's still the same talented animal that he was on that night. He's still one of the scariest guys you could ever run into in The Octagon. He is still the biggest threat to JDS's title. IMO. I don't see how The Champ could see it any other way. Drug tests or not. Opinions aside, I hope we all get to see JDS / Overeem in the near future. It would be one hell of a fight. A fight which, admittedly and again, we should have already seen, but did not, because of AO's stupidity. However, that is all in the past, now and we as fans should forgive and forget and move on. As Dana has.

    • So out of all of that, failing for elevated testosterone levels after a saga that included skipping the country to miss a test and trying to skip the venue where a random test was sprung on him, doesn't factor in at all to you?

      • Evan, we need to just let it go, man. It's in the past. It's been dealt with. Lets get back to enjoying the monumental fights that we should be seeing. So, no it doesn't factor into it for me. That's how I put it in the past and move on. If he refracts, then we'll deal with it. Until then, let us allow Dana and the commissions to do their jobs and make their assessments. And if those two parties are fine with Overeem, then I fail to see how we as fans can / should do any less. I just want to see the best fights possible and in the HW division, Alistair Overeem is part of that / my calculus.

        • its the past? look he's on suspension for elevated testosterone linked to steroids. dana white and the commission can be "fine" with him but that doesnt mean he deserves to be welcomed back with a title shot after failing a drug test for peds.

          • His criteria for "earning" the title shot was his utter destruction of Brock Lesnar, not passing a drug test. And for the record, the guy that he beat has / had "probably" done a lot of drugs in his day. To be honest, there are a lot of fighters who are running around in The UFC who, @ one one time at least, look like they've done a lot of PEDs' and that seems to be acceptable to the promotion and to the commissions. I see this as a moot point, however, as I believe that Overeem will demolish Bigfoot and get the winner of JDS / Cain. Problem solved. Unless, of course, you choose to take issue with a win over Bigfoot, as accompanied by a clean post-fight test.

            And I never said he deserved it, I just said I'd be fine with him getting a title shot right out-of-the-gate. And I realize he is on suspension, but he won't be on suspension when he fights, which is the important part of this discussion. As far as I am concerned, he's still the number on contender in the division, Cain was / is the interim number one contender and it shall all be resolved, shortly. It's the beautiful thing about the sport of fighting, we will actually have fights to determine it all. Ya, have to love it. Let it go, man. Enjoy what you are about to see and scream at the TV for him to lose, if you are so moved. Villains and heroes. Villains and heroes. We need more.

        • So your thought is to just let a guy who was thought to be on PED's for close to 5 years (if not more) should just be given a 9 month suspension after finally testing positive after avoiding multiple tests (and trying to avoid the test he failed). Just so I have it straight.

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  • When in doubt, just say what Barry Bonds said: "I thought that 'the clear' was just B-12." OMG, he doesn't even look like the guy that Shogun pounded into the canvas a few years ago. He needs to sell his magic protein powder at GNC, ha ha.

    • I am not saying that the Reem didn't juice but the gains he made are well within the range of possible if you take in the right calories at the right time and periodize your work outs properly. Someone posted his actual wt gain increments here one time. It was something like 14 pounds over the course of several months here, another 6 or 7 there, all spread out over the course of several years. Considering the T to ET levels he got popped for, I would have to say that he was using something but the body development he exhibited was not incontrovertible evidence of it.

      • Point well-taken. Obviously he's gotten "help", but then again, who hasn't in this sport. A lot of guys who have skipped steroids have used GH to recover from the hellish training camps and injuries- and who can blame them? Personally, after training with Rickson and seeing what amazing shape he was in – in his 50's- it's astonishing to me that these guys can last as long as they do! I guess the real issue is where do we draw the line when it comes to using "help"? I look at guys like Diaz (both) and BJ Penn and scratch my head how they have not have had major injuries in all the years of BJJ and striking. Some guys just have great genes, no?