Controversial UFC Heavyweight Alistair Overeem appears in an MMA H.E.A.T. interview surrounding his return fight at UFC 156 versus "Bigfoot" Silva. Last since dismantling Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 at the end of 2011, Overeem talks of his return to the Octagon after a year-long suspension for elevated testosterone prior to UFC 146.

Overeem acknowledged that he wanted the dos Santos fight, but the former champion instead took a bout with Cain Velasquez and lost the belt at UFC 155. He also detailed his rigorous drug testing to get reinstated, as well as his sincere apology to UFC President Dana White. 

Lastly, Overeem said that he feels he does not owe the fans anything, and only wants to win. Is Overeem the perfect hulking bad boy for the UFC, or will he be in trouble once he gets taken to the ground with force?