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Alexander Gustafsson To Jon Jones: If You Get Past ‘DC,’ Your Nightmare Will Be Back


No. 1-ranked UFC light heavyweight contender Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson received an extremely unfortunate diagnosis last week when it was found that he had torn the meniscus in his right knee, forcing him out of his highly anticipated main event rematch with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 178 on September 27.

Gustafsson was immediately replaced by No. 2-ranked Daniel Cormier, an opponent that Jones supposedly wanted to fight more anyway. While a date with “The Mauler” is on hold for the time being, Gustafsson took to Facebook to thank his fans and declare that he would be coming for the gold:

“Thank you all for the support. I will be back stronger than ever and get MY belt. Jones, I see that you are happy, but if you get past DC, your nightmare will be back and more motivated than ever.”

Strong words from “The Mauler,” who many still feel did enough to wrest the belt from Jones in their epic UFC 165 battle last September. Undeterred, Gustafsson detailed his injury, noting that luckily it won’t keep him out of training for too long:

“I got a knee injury. It’s not very serious, but I need to take care of it. It’s a small issue that has been with me. It’s not a long recovery time – just a few weeks. I’m disappointed, I really wanted to fight at 178 but I can’t. I will watch it, for sure. It’s a great card.”

Indeed it is a great card, but the presence of “The Mauler” could have truly pushed it to legendary status. The “Bone” vs. “DC” title fight is no doubt great, but it just doesn’t have the backstory and allure of a heated rematch.

Regardless, Gustafsson will eventually get another shot at the belt when he heals up. Who will it be against?

  • GUS: I have mouch love for you but please STFU!!!!! You pulled out of the fight, legitimate reason but please stop talking because you pulled out….GEEZ.

  • Sounds like a minor, chronic injury that suddenly turned into an acute one. Wonder if chicken bones had one too that would have required immediate surgery had the fight with Gus remained on the schedule. Just an innocent thought.

  • Yeah I am kind of sick of shit talking mma fighters. I get it, you're all confident you all think you're the best that's why you're in the UFC. Shut up about it and perform at your best. The fights alone are entertaining enough for me. I don't need a sob story, I don't need trash talk for the hype up, it doesn't make it more exciting to me.

  • Not sure what you guys are complaining about. He was giving an update to his fans.

    Btw…Gus is turning into Jones…whats up with the beard?

    • At least Gus can claim he looks like a viking now. JJ on the other hand, more looks like a…..tick tick BOOM