Alexander Gustafsson Tells Jon Jones To Stop ‘Delaying’

Alexander Gustafsson Tells Jon Jones To Stop ‘Delaying’


UFC light-heavyweight title challenger and No. 1 ranked fighter, Alexander Gustafsson, is starting to get frustrated with division wunderkind and class champion, Jon Jones.

Taking to his Facebook account (FB) earlier today (May 29), Gustafsson made note of the fact that Jones has still not signed their (targeted) August 30, UFC 177, fight agreement; something “The Mauler” did prior to UFC 173 (May 24), when he signed his (Gustafsson’s) new contract.  

As the 27-year-old “Mauler” posted to FB’s site, “Bones” has had the contract for four days and still hasn’t put his signature to it. Concordantly, the Swedish fighter thinks the champ is “delaying.”

Gustafsson’s post:

“Jon “Bones” Jones, 4 days have (passed) and still no signature from you on that piece of paper from the UFC.

As a Champ, accept my challenge. You have something that belongs to me and I want it.

The fans are waiting, so come on now, stop delaying.”

Fresh out of the ring from his April 26, UFC 172, trashing of Glover Teixeira, it could be postulated that Jones is trying to buy himself more of a respite before he agrees to defend his title again.

However, it’s more likely that Jones hasn’t signed his UFC 177 bout agreement with Gustafsson because “Bones” – like Gustafsson before him – is in negotiations with the promotion, and as such, the champ won’t be signing anything until he comes to terms with the senior circuit and inks his new contract.

As Gustafsson must obviously know this, his post is probably more of a ‘I’m bored and feel like talking about the fight on a Thursday afternoon, online eye-poke,’ at Jones. And not Gustafsson being of a legitimate belief that the champ is trying to forestall or evade, in any way, Jones vs. Gustafsson II. That ship has sailed and all hands will be onboard.   

Photo coutesy of Alexander Gustafsson (FB)

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  • aaron-sisson1994

    Get him gus!

  • Bruce Lee

    From Gus's Twitter feed: "Jon, don't be so pokey"

  • enjoylife321

    I don't believe there would be too many surprises in the contract because generally the terms of the contract is negotiated by the manager in a meeting then drafted.
    Its not surprising however for someone to take 7 days to return a contract….Jones contract would be complicated with all the third party agreements and sponsorships that his legal people would naturally review…You also dont want to seem to eager signing a contract

  • Entity

    Gus will have to take a note from the three stooges and put his hand long ways between his eyes to keep from getting them poked out by Mr. Dirty fighter.

    • SpaceJam

      Gus will also have to worry about not getting knocked the fuck out (insert flashback of spinning elbow landing in the 4th round).


    Bones will make an example out of Gusto this time. Don't y'all worry bout nothing!!!


    "It's been 4 days" stop your begging dog. That ass whooping is coming, go tug on yourself while you wait.

    • apocalypse123

      Hahaha I don't know what's funnier, the fact that you think Jones needs you to defend him or the fact that you would NEVER call Gus a dog to his face you internet gangsta

  • Cpt. Paranoid

    Jones may whoop Gus ass, but he Knows he will get the whooping of his life win, loose or draw. And that is something Jones is scared of. And let's see how Jones, the judges, the ref and the fans like Gus using "The eyepoke defense" I know Gus has been working on it. I think, that IF Jones get's in the octagon with Gus, we'll hear a lot of bitching from Jones about getting a hand in his face every time he attempts to attack. I think we'll see a change in the rules or judging after this fight. IF it ever happens. (insert flashback of Jones being carried out by stretcher after the last fight)

    • SpaceJam

      Jon was not carried from the octagon only because of the strikes/takedowns Gus landed but also from kicking, punching and elbowing Gus over 100 times. Just like when I finish playing a game of sports or train or whatever, where i expend a tremendous amount of energy, as soon as i stop moving I start to cramp in my legs real bad. So show a bit more respect to someone who would leave you eating out of a straw.

      Why would Jon or any fighter be "Scared" of any human being?? All Gus did was take Jon down a few times and cause a cut and a swollen lip. Is that really something to be scared of? Gus is the one who has to be worried he go rocked big time by Jon and started to gas out while Jon was the fresher fighter.

      Lets be real. Sure Gus beat the shit out of Jon in the first 2 rounds but Jon also beat the shit out of Gus in the last 3. Very hard fight to pick, all I'm hoping for is a fantastic fight and potential fight of the year again. I hope the best man wins whoever that is.

      I have also noticed on this site that if you say something positive about Jon or negative about Gus you get weaked. If you say something positive about Gus and negative about Jones you get sharped.

      • toxic

        well thats probably because most people dislike eyepoker Jon…

      • Zip

        Very astute observation, Space. I would deduce the 'weaks' are because most folks don't agree with you, but that's just me…

        • Spyridon

          lol, the reality is somewhere between both.

          A lot of weaks are becuase people dont agree, or at times becuase the poster is an idiot.

          But keep in mind, a lot of mma fans just follow the bandwagon, and in that case since the bandwagon has been on a Jones hate train for the last year or 2, it's somewhat true that if you say anything about him people will weak you.

          I don't care about most of the crap people get so worked up about that fighters do, especially because most people have double standards… when the popular opinion was "Rampage is awesome" he could treat people like complete crap and everyone would say it's so funny… then when the popular opinion changes its a diff story, even though Rampage has treated people like crap his entire career.

          What people should really be upset about isn't the debatable facts such as if Jones is fake or if he intentionally pokes peoples eyes… Who knows the truth… Focus should rightfully be on people like Wanderlei where it's impossible to not know he was breaking the rules as he walked out on every one of his fans.

      • Cpt. Paranoid

        I'll give you an example why you get weaked. It's not because you like Jones, it's because you don't know what you are talking about.

        Almost every comment is full of contradiction. Like the one above. Jones fought so hard that he had to be carried out on a stretcher not because of the beating he took but because he fought that hard. Yet he was "fresher" than Gus who was, according to you, gasing. But even gasing and taking a spinning elbow and everything you say Jones did to him, he still walked out of the octagon. So was Jones "fresh" or not? Either he was carried out because of the beating or he was carried out because he was spent. You see, you make no sense.

        And now I'll give you some free advice. And I'll bet you the LHW champ in the ufc has gotten the same advice if he had problem with cramps. YOU NEED MORE MAGNESIUM.

        I'm OK with you being a Jones nuthugger, but please don't write just anything, try to defend him with some sense. OK?

  • jamo

    Talk tough now for the paycheck gus. You still have to show up to the cage and take your whoopin'. Jones is the best til someone proves different. Talk is expensive.