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Alexander Gustafsson not looking past Rua but says “I’ll take home the belt”


Alexander Gustafsson certainly doesn’t lack confidence. One of the few fighters left that causes at least a little bit of intrigue in a potential fight with Jon Jones has perhaps fired the first salvo in an attempt to enter the Jon Jones sweepstakes.

While speaking to Jon Anik on FUEL TV’s “UFC Ultimate Insider,” the Swede discussed his upcoming fight with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC on FOX 5. Gustafsson made it clear that he’s not looking past the former champion in any shape, form or fashion, but has put some thought into what would happen if he earned a shot at Jon Jones’ 205 title.

Considering hat Rua is 3-3 in his past six fights and looks nothing like the devastating finisher we grew to love, Gustafsson is well aware that Rua is in a “do or die” position and, at any time, the old “Shogun” can show up and shatter any dreams of a title fight for Gustafsson.

“Right now, it’s just ‘Shogun’ for me, nothing else,” Gustafsson said. “That’s my only focus. I don’t [overlook] any opponent. He’s absolutely the most dangerous opponent so far.”

With wins over Thiago Silva, Matt Hamill and James Te-Huna on his resume, it’s evident that Shogun will be a pretty big step up in competition. But the Swedish fighter isn’t too concerned with that as he figures that he’ll be ready for whatever Rua has for him. And after he wins, he figures that now is better than ever for a fight with Jon Jones.

“I want to fight the champ after this fight. That’s what I want to do,” he said before he began brimming with confidence at the prospect of beating the seemingly untouchable Jones. “My focus is on ‘Shogun’ 100 percent. But when I win the fight, I want to fight for the belt.

“But when it comes to a title fight or if I will fight Jon Jones if he’s still a champ, I’ll be ready for it. I’ll take home the belt. No question about it.”

  • I don't think he can take Rua

    • and what propels you to believe this nonsense?

  • Just watched how Rua knocked out Overeem back on Pride 33 . This looked so epic! I wonder how they would match up now 😀
    About this fight an edge for winning is on the gustaffsons side , definetely. He proved on previous performances. Defining factor could be the conditioning of both men.

    • Now? Well Overeem would kill him, mainly due to size, but he probably has better stand up technique as well now

  • I am inclined to believe him, or at least believe he has the biggest chance out of any of the current contenders

  • I think he's going to blow through Shogun.I also think he's going to end up being the white John Jones. This fight should be a good test of the hypothesis.

  • How is looking at fighting Jon Jones and winning not completely looking past Rua?

  • has gus ever been tested on the ground yet?

  • he will be watch Rua take him down and get him in his crushing mount. He has an excellent unshakable mount, depends on his kness i guess we will see.

  • This guy shook his butt off to a victory against Thiago for 15 minutes and now his looking past Shogun? well, good luck on that one.