Alexander Gustafsson has certainly made his mark on the UFC Light-Heavyweight division, the Sweidish Mauler is on a six fight win streak and eying up a potential title shot down the line. Although with Jon Jones sidelined for an undisclosed period, Gustafsson may be setting his targets elsewhere. Check out this interview via MMA Fighting

"I want to fight Jones. I want to fight for the title, that's what I want to do," Gustafsson said. He added. "If Jones will be out for a longer time, I'd fight Machida if that's what the UFC wants. Of course, and if Machida wants it, no problem. I'll fight him. I'm not going to wait for a long time. I fought 'Shogun' in December. I want to fight soon. I want to fight in a couple of months at least, I want to fight soon. If Jones can't fight, which I would understand because [his injury] looked very nasty, I'd fight Machida, too. If Jones can fight in few months, I would love to fight him."

Gustafsson is obviously keen to stay active, and is not falling in to the same trap that many fighters before him have. Waiting out for a couple of months for a title bout can be considered, but the way things are in MMA-nothing is guaranteed. In my opinion its better for a fighter to stay active rather than gather dust, and a fighter like Gus will have no problem hovering at the high end of the division should Jones be out for a while.

Apart from Lyoto Machida and Jon Jones, there aren't really that many other fights for 'The Mauler' to consider. Glover Texeira? Antonio Nogueira? Or maybe a rematch with Phil Davis to avenge his solitary loss, after the two met at UFC 112 where Davis choked Gustafsson in to submission.

So if Jones is out for a long time-Who takes it between 'The Mauler' and 'The Dragon'?