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Aleksander Emelianenko retires from MMA


“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to perform in the ring anymore because of health problems caused by old injuries. As an athlete, it’s very difficult for me to come to terms with this.

“I’m grateful to the fans and sponsors for their support and for believing in me. I’m also grateful to my opponents. Your ill-will always made me move forward and achieve new results.

“I understand that I’ll now be facing a lot of accusations and criticism, which are unrelated to my direct line of work. Unfortunately, there’ll always be people, who would want to score points for themselves in any negative situation. I wouldn’t like make any comments, explain anything or offer excuses. Every living person does good and bad things. This is what we are. I’m sure that I’ve made a lot for the sport, attracting many young people in the gyms by my example.” – Official website (via BloodyElbow.com)

Not long after his brother decided to call it quits, Alexander “The Grim Reaper” Emelianenko has officially announced his retirement from pro MMA competition. Widely considered as one of the most dangerous heavyweights in the old school PRIDE era, Emelianenko’s final MMA record stands at 21 victories and 6 losses.

Emelianenko’s biggest victory was against Sergei Kharitonov back at PRIDE Final Conflict Absolute (2006). Notable performances against James Thompson and Mirko Filipovic would always be associated wtih Aleksander Emelianenko, as well as the controversial ones against Peter Graham and Eddy Bengtsson.

AE attempted a comeback in 2012, competing four times for M-1 Global. His last fight took place one month ago (November 15) – a North-South Submission loss to Jeff “The Snowman” Monson in Round 2.

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  • Two tough russian brothers who brought alot of crazy fights….Something tells me the emelionenko family will never be forgotten in the MMA world.

  • A shame we will never get to see Aleks vs JDS…..Aleks has the best hands in MMA, he would destroy Junior

    • I don't know about him having the best hands in MMA but in his prime he was a hand full for anyone.

  • The Thompson fight is a classic. Alex looked like he was waiting in line at the bank before the fight started. Thompson needs to ease up on the roids

    • yea, it was….that was one of MMA's best examples of pure talent and skill vs some hulk who is not much more than intimidation. Alex was just having another day at the office as his face suggested. Got hit, woke up, and said "F#*K this…" rest is history.

    • agree…He looked like he snorted too much speed before the match. Alexander is so gracious in victory.