In a video by “”, UFC President Dana White answered questions from the gathered media and as pertaining to, the “Biogenesis” drug scandal. In a calm and relaxed manner and even at times jovial, White did his best to respond to an issue that is devoid of any facts and which is rooted only on rumor and innuendo.  

To catch you up (should you not know), Biogenesis is a low-level drug distribution company based out of Miami, Florida and one that has been caught dealing banned PEDs’ to professional athletes. Nested within the allegations of PED dealing, are rumors that some of the firm’s clients are / were “MMA fighters”.

White’s first comment was that “it’s an athletic commission issue.” He then went on to say that he hasn’t thought about it, won’t think about it and hopes that he won’t have to deal with any problems related to, Biogenesis. Should he have the problem, White said simply, “It will suck.”

During the scrum Dana made several good points, first of which is the fact that the media have no information regarding Biogenesis and any MMA fighters, let alone any UFC fighters. Subsequently, this is a non-story as far as the UFC is concerned and White even made lite of it, by poking fun at the reporters for their lack of information and facts.

Further, White said that unlike other sports the UFC’s fighters are tested by the commissions and that in particular, that “if you’re one of the big guys you’re gettin’ tested and if you’re a guy that’s even remotely suspicious, you’re gettin’ tested.” On this point, White is implying (and with good cause) that his fighters are and have been tested and that testing has been done by a government agency and that subsequent to that, his promotion is clean and that has nothing to worry about regarding this scandal.   

He further hit home his point, by stating that the athletic commissions view him as a “pain in the ***” and not looking to do him any “favors". So, if there was something to catch or report, it would have been caught and reported.

Until someone mentions a name and gives some particulars that can be verified, then this scandal is a non-issue as far as the UFC goes. Dana is right not to spend any time thinking about it.